Benq 783 ( User)

  • So,

    after a bit of luck I got the Benq 783 for two days to test it. First of all for our german users: a translation of this review will be posted in the premium sector around tomorrow.

    What´s to say about the technique in the 783: we can found a TN-Panel with 12ms, viewangle: 140°/140° brightness 300cd/m² and a contrast of 500:1.

    Start with the outward appearance, which is quit interesting. The base looks a bit like the arms of an octupus - my first thinking. As body was used a quit strong plastic, which is aid by a metal charge. For a result the stability of the screen is really good, remembers me on the NEC stability. One minus point right here: for a 17" display you need a lot of space at your working desk, the monitor is quit deep. You should check this before you buy the 783.
    The idea of the cable inputs is simple but effective. I just needed around to understand how to put the cable in the right position and to lay it out, but after I done it the first time I just have to say: great!
    The display is a little bit higher as the S17 or the AL1721, just in case if you want to know it. It´s not that much, but seeable. For big-boys like me, it has the right tallness.
    After you put the cables in place and want to use the leaning function, you must be quit carefully, ´cause there is a bit of pressure on the cable. But not that problem if you are soft with the screen.

    So that´s enough for the first, I have to take a look to some flats. I will go on with the test later.

  • Part 2

    Let´s go on with the reaction of the screen in windows.

    1. Colours
    The screen works with 1280*1024 as standard solution. The colours in windows are bright and clear. Green-colours are a little bit to bright in my opinion, just typical for TN panels. In relation to an IPS panel the differences in green-colours are viewable, but I swear to you: if you have the screen as a single monitor on your desk, the green is just fine.
    The black.. Hmm. I was first a little bit sceptical if the black is dark enough. After I watched some TV series with a black frame I must say that it is, compared with the TN panel in the S17, a gaze black, which cannot cope with a MVA panel (but we didn´t expect that, did we?). Not really a negative point in a result.

    2. Brightness/ Contrast
    The brithgtness is homogeneous. No negative point here. The regulation-area is quit high for a TN panel. Turned to zero the screen is still bright, remembers then on a CRT screen with maximum brightness.
    The contrast regulation area is TN panel typical. For standard users and gamers the area is high enough, for a grafic user, it is simply too small.

    3. Interpolation
    The interpolation to 1024*768 is still ok in windows and games. A regulation to 800*600 is possible, but the pictures are a bit blurred. Specially bright colours are in 800*600 not that well. If you by this device be sure to use a resolution of 1280*1024 or 1024*768. Just my opinion.

    The game and office test will follow later, got to eat now ;)

  • Thanx for your first impressions :)

    Conversation about two 17 inch TFTs by BenQ and Iiyama
    (p.s. my post :))

    bye and Thanx

  • Games:

    Simple: perfect. The marketing bye Benq that the 783 is one of the best player devices on the market is simple true. Ghosting cannot be found, the screen is perfect in dark and bright areas.
    I just tested BF1942: no ghosting effect at all. I could turn and jump around like I wanted, the picture was stable.
    Afterwards I made test of Fifa 2004 and just got to say that sometimes the ball makes a small ghost on the green, but ´til know the 783 it´s best device I ever played Fifa with.
    My final test game was, who imagined, Warcraft 3 Frozen Throne. TN Panel typical there are no ghosting effects seeable. The colours are bright and nice, the game makes simple fun with the 783.

    Result: one of the best TFTs I ever played with.

    Working with office
    The screen is good for office user. No negative points are to be mentioned.

    Working with grafics:
    For sure: we have a TN panel over here. Colours are good, but a MVA panel, like I mentioned above, is absolutly better for grafic workers. A prof. graficer should take a look to the 17"/ 19" Eizo devices.

    Hmm. 140° vertical is really quit optimistical. I have to say that the screen never has 140°. Maybe around 120°. So you got to regulate your chair for the perfect position ;)
    140° in horizontal is realistic. I think two people can work with the screen at the same time without large problems. For one user it is really perfect and wide enough.

    A result: the 783 is perfect for players who wants a screen with a different look. The panel is really one of the fastest I ever saw in my life. Simple: for players it is the perfect TFT.
    A pure office user can also buy the Acer 1721 or a belinea device. Grafic user should take a look to the Eizo devices.

    My thanks goes to my friend Michael who bought this device and TFTSHOP.NET.

    Questions please in english.

  • Thanks for your review!

    I ordered a 783 today (about 20:30, i think) and now i hope it will arrive soon :))

    Its panel is realy the best panel for games. A frind of mine has the "FP767 12ms" which also has this amazing 12ms panel. Because of this i decided to buy a TFT, but not without a DVI plug. So i chose the 783.
    Hopefully it fullfills my expectations.


  • It will. The used panel is different to the one in the 767, Benq told me so.

    I hope we will get a review from you in german or english! ;)

  • Today my BenQ783 arrived and my first impression was: WOHOOO.
    I played UT2k4, Quake3, Warcraft 3: The Frozen Throne, Counter-Strike, Diablo2 and Painkiller on my new Monitor and its great.
    No ghosting or stuff like that. I turned arround as fast as possibile but the screen stayed clear and and I didn't really mentioned a diffenrence in speed to my CRT. Which is quite perfect couse I play really often.

    The colours are also great. No doubt this is the best TFT for gaming I've EVER seen.

    Next step: DVD
    I watched some parts of Matrix & Star Wars. As I thought, the TFT had no problems with movies. Clear, sharp and great colours.

    I didn't tried the Speakers or the webcam, which were included (I think my dealer didn't really know that they are optional and not normaly included ==> His fault, my luck :D ), because i have a surround system and a digital camera as well. But the TFT looks better with the speakers "clicked-on" so i decided to use them just for the look ;)

    All summed up: You didn't promised to much, Totamec. This TFT display is all what I wanted. It fullfilled my expectations at 100%.
    Everybody who wants a great Gaming-TFT which has good colours, brightness and cotrast, should buy this one.


  • @kaefer: I´m quit happy that you are so saticified with your new TFT.

    You got the webcam? Cool. I liked it very much, it looks great, has a good quality and is really fun!

    So I hope you stay in our small prad-world and give us a feedback after a week of use!

  • This look as very nice monitor with eccentric and successful design. :)

    In the newsgroup where I write, there are also people very happy about Samsung 172X and 710T.
    Some review says the Samsung panel has better image quality as result of a better dithering implementation...
    <<to be verified>>
    On the other hand, the AU Optronics panel has 40.000 hours backlight life vs. the 25.000 of the Samsung.

  • The newsgroup is:

    Not available on all servers, but recently introduced in Google Groups.

    In my message I refer to "professional" FP783 reviews like CNET and Tom's Hardware, not to user reviews.
    But in the newsgroup there are several user considerations about 172X and some about 710T.

    Obviously in italian language... :]

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