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    Waiting for a Prad review... :)
    ...a F2380 review (maybe the first) from Chinese site PConline:

    English translation (automatic):

    They describe the C-PVA technology as a simplified version of S-PVA.
    Good idea the comparison with a TN in the same size.

    You must decide what's your primary purpose.
    Hardcore gamers are (generally) happy with TN panels.
    For everything else good VA/IPS based LCDs are far better.

    The LP2475W use the LG LM240WU4 H-IPS panel.

    I can't compare 2408w and 2709w.
    They use the same technology from the same manufacturer.
    So, I think the response time is similar.

    Another aspect to consider for gaming is the "input lag".
    According to the same review, the LP2475W show a lower lag comparing to Dells.

    Are you sure it's easy? :)

    The Dells use S-PVA panels from Samsung.
    The Nec use an analogous AMVA panel from AU Optronics.

    You can easily found a good review of the 24WMGX3.
    They say that the AMVA panel look a bit slower comparing to Samsung 245T (PVA) and HP LP2475W (IPS).
    But the Nec have a remote control.

    A little curiosity...
    Dell silently add a 10-bit color panel (8-bit+dithering) to the 2709W model.

    More info on C-PVA panels:


    They were 20in and 23in TFTs with thin aluminium stands and what I believe the rep told me were C-PVA panels - apparently sitting between TN and S-PVA in quality terms, they looked hugely impressive in my brief hands-on. Enthusiastic home photographers may finally have the perfect monitor, as this display technology means more accurate colours but without the price hike that usually comes with S-PVA. I’ll get full details from Samsung and update this post, and they won’t be out until June but, again, we’ll be getting one in as soon as we can.

    The new model also have the wide-color-gamut lamps.
    So it "supposely" can perform better in some area, like photo editing.
    I have the S2431W and it worth every single Euro.
    A something mediocre stand but quality electronics.

    I've buy a HP LP2275w and I've a big issue with DVI connection.
    Randomly the monitor display strange green/blue horizontal lines.
    The problem is not present with analog (DVI-I) connection... in change there is a nasty red dominance.
    I'm finding several messages from other customers with the same issue.

    The question is...
    The LP2275w has a firmware/design flaw or I can solve with a replacement?

    Thanks V.M.

    A little scoop thanks to user "abnormal" (he has seen Young Frankenstein? :)) of the italian forum
    I want to be honest... :)

    The 22 inch LP2275w has a S-PVA panel.
    The 24 inch LP2475w is not the LP2465 successor (like I've erroneously said).
    This new model use a S-IPS panel.

    I'm not a graphic professional...
    The user "traveller" seems to be well informed on the argument:
    Eizo S2231W-E W.I.P. ( User)

    Italian buyers says they are very happy with S2231W for photo editing and printing.
    The only minor issue is the horizontal uniformity.
    This can explain why Eizo combine WCG lamps with the Digital Uniformity Equalizer (DUE) starting from the SX2461W...

    I had the same doubt.
    In the S2231W the color temperature is slightly different in the left and right borders.
    I have not seen it with my eyes but purchasers says it's a very small difference.
    On paper the 22'' win thanks to better contrast and WCG lamps.
    The 24'' has an higher brightness (450 cd/m2 vs. 250 cd/m2).
    I've chosen the 2431 because I work with two applications at the same time.
    I'm very happy with it.
    Great image quality, perfect tuned overdrive, cold lamps, silent like a fish. :)

    Another interesting thing:


    Input Lag of just 1/60th of a Second

    Considering that a successful 2407WFP-HC has an average input lag of 35 ms (1/28 sec).

    The only lack seems to be it don't use wide color gamut lamps.
    Maybe they want to avoid uniformity problems?