Viewsonic VX910 - New monitor

  • The viewsonic vx910 is today in stock in the first couple of shops in Denmark.
    Ive been looking for info about it in the prad feature guide, and the monitor is not yet listed there.

    When i search the different viewsonic sites (usa,europe and denmark/english) i get a lot of different specs on it, and no info on what panel is inside it.
    On the page i linked to above they say that it has 16 ms response, and 25 ms response further down on the same page. On a comparison guide i found somewhere on their site it says that it is TCO95, all other places it says TCO99,which is most likely.
    On the same comparison guide for vx models, it says that it do not have DVI, which again, it say it does all other places, and im pretty sure it does.

    I think that the panel would be a TN from AUO ,again most likely 16 ms, but how can you be sure ?

    I've called Viewsonic-denmark today and told them about the problems with the loads of different specs on the different departments, so what im referring to here may change, as they promised to look into it.
    I also asked about the panel type, and they promised to find out what it is, and call me .Will be interesting to see if they do.

    If anyone know something about this monitor, reviews, practical experience with it, panel info, anything, i'd like to hear about it.

  • Viewsonic called me today, and as expected it is a 16 ms TN panel.
    And they said that they see the several errors on their homepages regarding this monitor and would correct it ASAP.

  • It should be the same panel you can find at the benq 937.

    Not very serious if they really make such mistakes.

    Anyway, the panel is quit good for games and working desktops.

  • But the BenQ 937 is a 12 ms panel .
    So it can't be the exact same.It might be from AUO aswell, but they were not able to confirm that at viewsonic.

    I'm interested why you think it would be a mistake if it was the same?
    I thought the general opinion here was that AOU panel are great panels, but i might be missing something since its hard for me to read the german part of the forum.

  • Sorry my mistake. I just overread something.

    Of course the AUO panels are great for gamers! Sorry for the mistake.

    I will ask around which panel is in the VX900 and for some opinions.

    You looked for an english site like prad? If you find one, please tell me.

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    Originally posted by $post[username]

    VX910 , not vx900 , i already have one of those sloooow mva panel monitors.

    And about the english site, im afraid that i wont find one, and thats also why i wish there was a bit more action in this english part of prad.