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    I was reading in a notebook forum, and the talk was about dead pixels.
    One guy claimed that this little program has about a 60% success rate in fixing stuck pixels.

    The file is an mp4 movie that displays green, red and blue, shifting very fast.
    The idea is that you should let the program run for a couple of hours.

    To me it sounds a little too good to be true, and fortunately I don't have any monitors with bad pixels, so I cannot test it.

    I like to know what you guys think about this?

    I think the Viewsonic vp191-b/s 8 ms , should be added to the buyers guide 19" , since it's a monitor/panel that takes a major step in the right direction.

    ''Drawbacks of the overdrive are explained in this good Tom's Hardware France article:

    That would be good info - if you undestand french, that is.

    Yomat :
    I've noticed 2 things that are different with this mva , compared to my old mva.

    One is the colors:

    I have both monitors connected at the same time ,and they are right next to eachother (extended desktop).
    If i take a picture like this , and slide it from one monitor to the other, there is an big difference in the colors.And its the old monitor that displays the nicest colors.
    She looks more natural tanned , and it's like there are more color dept on the 25 ms mva. It's not something i seem to be able to adjust in the OSD. Ofcourse there is color adjust options, and ive tried alot, but no matter what, she still looks more ''alive'' on the old monitor.

    Second is related to pixels :

    Whenever there is action on the screen, it's like the picture becomes ''pixelated'' (dont know a better word for it).
    It is more on some colors.
    Like every little pixel stands out.
    If i am more than 1 meter away its not visible any more.
    This i can see in games, movies, or just when moving around a window on the desktop.

    All this being said, i am still quite happy with the monitor, especially because of the speed of the respons time and good view angles.

    OK, since the help on the subject was very little, i simply bought me one.

    And so far im pretty happy with it, but ive only had it for about 2 hours so far.
    But it's definitely VERY fast compared to my about 2½-3 years old Viewsonic vx900 MVA 25 ms.
    And no pixel errors what so ever.

    I can see, in the german part of the forum, that a few people have their hands on it now.

    I just struggle with reading german, and using an translator like babelfish almost makes it worse.

    If someone could be so kind to sum up what the first impressions of the monitor is.

    Is it really 'all that', and would it be a better buy, than for example vp201b S-IPS 16ms ? (disregarding the size and price difference).


    Thanks for the answer.
    Im curious about the German 0 dot policy from Viewsonic.
    Can you give me a link to that?

    Because according to this , they only have this in both Germany and Denmark(where i live), and most of rest of Europe:
    ''For any sub pixel defect (red or green or blue) ViewSonic LCD display products are warranted in accordance with the ISO standard 13406-2 class II. On pixels ViewSonic exceeds ISO 13406-2 class II requirements not allowing for any defective (permanently dark or bright) complete pixel consisting of red, green, and blue sub pixels (“Zero Pixel Defect Policy”).''

    If they really have no pixel error tolerance in germany, can't help wondering if they ship all the monitors with errors to Denmark.
    A bit far fetched, i know, but with my luck lately i cant help thinking that.

    I build computers for people, and have since New Year ordered 3 Viewsonic VP912s and 1 Viewsonic VX912 , and i have yet to see one that is pixel error free.
    All have 1, 2 or 3 subpixel errors.
    The worst one of them i tried to return, but it was refused to be replaced, today by Viewsonic.
    It had 2 subpixels defect in the same pixel, red and green constantly on, and that gave a bright yellow dot, and it was placed in the center of the screen, and a few cm towards the upper left corner.In my eyes the worst possible place, because it's where you will have your focus on the screen most of the time.
    Anyway, my problem is that i had planned to buy a VP912S for myself aswell, but now i'm starting to get second thoughts.
    Have i been unbelievable unlucky, or is there infact an increased amount of pixel errors on that type of panel?

    Additional question :
    I have heard that Samsung are planning to extend the 'no pixel error policy' they have in parts of Asia to Europe, starting the 7th. Feb.
    Is that correct, and if 'yes' ,then my next question is :
    Is it covering subpixels and everything, or is it just a 'no bright or dark pixel error' policy ?
    Is there a link where i can read about the policy?

    And a last question:
    Is it true that Samsung has redrawn 913N from the market, because of too many pixel errors ?


    Another new 19" Viewsonic monitor, this one with 12 ms response time.

    I have a while ago pointed out that vx910 is not in the database.
    Now that 2 can be added at the same time, i hope to see both vx910 and vp912 s/b there soon.


    Originally posted by $post[username]

    VX910 , not vx900 , i already have one of those sloooow mva panel monitors.

    And about the english site, im afraid that i wont find one, and thats also why i wish there was a bit more action in this english part of prad.

    But the BenQ 937 is a 12 ms panel .
    So it can't be the exact same.It might be from AUO aswell, but they were not able to confirm that at viewsonic.

    I'm interested why you think it would be a mistake if it was the same?
    I thought the general opinion here was that AOU panel are great panels, but i might be missing something since its hard for me to read the german part of the forum.

    The viewsonic vx910 is today in stock in the first couple of shops in Denmark.
    Ive been looking for info about it in the prad feature guide, and the monitor is not yet listed there.

    When i search the different viewsonic sites (usa,europe and denmark/english) i get a lot of different specs on it, and no info on what panel is inside it.
    On the page i linked to above they say that it has 16 ms response, and 25 ms response further down on the same page. On a comparison guide i found somewhere on their site it says that it is TCO95, all other places it says TCO99,which is most likely.
    On the same comparison guide for vx models, it says that it do not have DVI, which again, it say it does all other places, and im pretty sure it does.

    I think that the panel would be a TN from AUO ,again most likely 16 ms, but how can you be sure ?

    I've called Viewsonic-denmark today and told them about the problems with the loads of different specs on the different departments, so what im referring to here may change, as they promised to look into it.
    I also asked about the panel type, and they promised to find out what it is, and call me .Will be interesting to see if they do.

    If anyone know something about this monitor, reviews, practical experience with it, panel info, anything, i'd like to hear about it.