How to ask for buying recommendations

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    In order to help you as quickly as possible:
    When asking for buying recommendations, please consider and include in your posting if any of the following aspects apply.

    - budget
    - size preferences
    - online shops that are available to you in your country
    - preferred aspect ratio 16:9 (wide) / 4:3 / 5:4
    - try to give a rough estimate about your application profile [e.g. 20% movies, 70% office, 10% gaming] (note: in case you will mainly use it for gaming, ask yourself if you are willing to sacrifice viewing angle and color quality in exchange for a slight edge in terms of responsiveness)
    - misc. preferences (ergonomics, USB hub, pivot, etc.)

    This way, we'll have things narrowed down somewhat and can cut to the chase right from the start.

    Good Luck