EIZO S2431-BK (Prad.de User)

  • Hi here's my ultra short review after a few days of use.

    - 1 dead pixel upper left corner, it's black when the screen is white.
    (could have swapped the monitorfor it but didnt bother because it's not that bothersome)
    - cost ~800 euro
    - viewing angle distortions when displaying dark colours even at 20 degrees. Could be the panel anti glare coating.
    - speakers are crap, but this was expected, they can still serve fine as feedback/signaling speakers

    + no nonsense design, does what it should do
    + works out of the box with Linux Xorg/radeon/DDC
    + good colours
    + 5y warranty
    + powerled can be disabled in OSD

    +/- Too bright out of the box: remedy: turn on the auto dimming feature in the OSD (default off) and put it on text colour temp, reminds me of 5600K on CRT
    +/- Too sharp out of the box letters jump off the screen, default color mode is blueish (Picture/Movie).
    +/- Very faint high hissing of power supply audible closeby, mostly only at the rear.

    All in all a good monitor that more or less equals my scrap dell and Iiyama trinitron CRTs in image quality.