LG W2600HP backlight bleed - is this acceptable?

  • I recently bought an LG W2600HP (the one with the S-IPS panel) and was really happy about my purchase until I started noticing this very heavy backlight bleed at the top of the screen. Now, I've owned a few TN panels in the past, and they've always had some level of bleed and it hasn't really bothered me that badly. I was prepared to have some bleed on this new screen too, like uneven lightning around the corners and so on. However, the bleed that comes from this screen is so heavy that it annoys me alot, especially when watching movies with dark scenes. The bleed completely ruins the picture for me and I can't help but thinking it isn't supposed to be like this on a screen in this price range.

    I took a picture of it, but please note that the shadows you can see in the lower corners are not there when looked upon with the naked eye. The screen appears completely bleed free with the exception of the of area I've marked in red. I'm sorry about the quality of the picture, it was taken in the dark.

    I may also add that when the screen is pressed in the middle, it will "click" like it's not properly secured. When it clicks the level of bleed also changes, so I'm thinking it's perhaps a manufacturing fault? I've already sent an e-mail to LG Norway explaining the issue, but I'm not sure what their policy on this is. So, what do you people think? Is this acceptable or should I demand an RMA?


  • Thanks. Yeah, you're right, yours looks alot better. I'm guessing it looks even better in real life? Can you try giving the screen a light push right in the middle? Is yours loose too?

  • Thank you. If LG refuses me an RMA on the backbleed I can atleast use the loose panel as an argument. I don't think a €500 product should be as sloppy as this.

  • I'm RMA'ing the screen back to the e-tailer tomorrow. Also, while boxing the screen I noticed that the panel itself flops around inside the bezel. It is in fact completely loose... I would think that alone would be reason enough for RMA.

  • Just to give an update on this. I got another W2600HP some weeks ago, which initially seemed very good. Backlight uniformity was much better, although it had two light shadows in the bottom left and top right corners. I was happy with the panel until I found an entire area filled with stuck red subpixels. So I had to send it back again and this time I got my money back. Basically I was tired of LG's extremely lackluster quality control, and since I was dealing with an e-tailer, the shipping back and forth plus the waiting got the best of me. I went all out on an Eizo SX2761W instead after reading the very flattering review on this very site, which I received a few days ago. This monitor is absolutely amazing, and the backlight uniformity is the best I have ever seen. Thanks to Prad I now have what I think I can consider the perfect monitor for me . :thumbup: