1920x1080 xbox vga

  • Hello,

    I am looking for a new monitor,

    I currently own a samsung 245B+ but it's incredibly slow when i try to game with it, it also doesn't work with my xbox 360 because it stretches the image out of its aspect ratio.
    What i'm looking for is a screen that has a 1920x1080 resolution with as low as possible, preferably none, input lag and a good response time, since it will mainly be used to play on the xbox 360.
    I have one of the old 360's so i will be using a vga input. The monitor will be used for 60% movies and 40% gaming. I'm not very critical about image quality but i can't stand inputlag/ghosting/etc.. , which is why i use a crt monitor to game on my pc.
    I love watching Full HD movies, but on my current monitor i have noticed it stuttering on certain scenes, most noticably panorama's with a panning camera.

    The LG 2442PA-BF looks interresting, but i was wondering if there is a faster monitor with this resolution.

  • It is surprising, while I see your problem with the aspect ratio, something Samsung doesn't seem to bother, because so many of their models are just bad in this regard, the 245B+ is not known for being really sluggish. And a better suited monitor in 24" is not an easy find. I would try an LG Flatron W2442PA, lag is under 1 frame and the overdrive is tuned just right. Beside of that, LG has much better scaling characteristics in nearly all of their monitors than Samsung.