Asus PA246Q banding

  • Hi

    I have a few questions concerning Asus PA246Q banding mentioned in review. Here they are:

    1. You wrote: "In some colour spaces, however, faint banding is visible – also in the AdobeRGB image mode", but didn't mention any other colour space affected by banding. Could you tell me which colour spaces are affected by banding (apart from the mentioned AdobeRGB)? Did you mean sRGB at the point?

    2. You wrote: "After calibration and profiling of the Asus PA246Q from the standard image mode [...] Colour gradients demonstrate only very fine banding". Could you tell me what was effective bit depth of the Gainward GTX 560 LUT (for example Argyll is able to give such an information)? You have used DVI; was it 8-bit per colour or 10-bit per colour - could you tell that?

    3. Do you think that using DisplayPort 10 bit/colour connection and a graphic card with 10-bit effective bit depth resolution could eliminate the banding?

    4. Have Asus responded somehow to the User mode non-linearility flaw? Could it be fixed with a firmware update?