INPUT LAG / latency

  • can somebody please tell me which method PRAD uses to measure the input lag of their monitors which produces the results they use for their 'latency' evaluation of monitors. As far as I am aware - Oscilloscopes and the SMTT v2 testing methods are the most accurate. thanx

  • Until summer 2010 we used a digital camera and a stopwatch running on a (lagless) crt and our test candidate. The stopwatch tool SMTT was developed by Thomas Thiemann, who also wrote a famous article in our knowledgebase (read here).

    Dealing with many monitors for years, we learned that this procedure is affected by some heavy drawbacks, giving inaccurate and unreliable results. We therefore developed our today's procedure: a short video burst is fed to the monitor, while its screen surface is watched by a photodiode. An oscilloscope measures the runtime difference between video signal and visible screen reaction.