New (professional) monitor suggestions

  • Hi all.

    After about 9 years with a 19-inch CRT monitor (a Samsung SyncMaster 997MB which has lost in brightness and has recently begun to flicker), I eventually decided to replace it with a flat display. I waited until now because I was convinced of the CRT better quality, especially in terms of image contrast and viewing angles, though I always liked the idea of a flat, less bulky monitor.

    I already read some guides, reviews and compared models (especially IPS monitors, which seem better in terms of angles and contrast), but at first I preserve your advice from too specific and potentially misleading ideas.

    So, I just list my requirements to illustrate what I need…

    • I’m interested in a slightly bigger display than my 19-inch, from 21 to 24 inches at least. I think 24 is the ideal: a bigger monitor would be too much for my desk.
    • I use it at home for Internet browsing (a lot), gaming (not too much, but often and even high-end games), video playing (occasionally), some programming, document and image editing, so I need a good compromise to fit all these activities.
    • I don’t like widescreen 16:9 aspect ratio because it costs too much height; I’m more interested in a 16:10 display, being 4:3 almost extinguished.
    • The monitor should represent nice colors (to support image editing) and the deepest black possible. I just hate the grey-lit black that is typical of some LCD technologies.
    • Also, I’d like wide viewing angles, without significant color changes and the most limited contrast reduction.
    • I even need a powerful scaling/interpolation control. High definition is nice, but, when I’m working or browsing, I don’t want to see everything small or stretched only because the manufacturer has decided to impose an absurd resolution of n-thousands per n-thousands. Keeping the proportions I’m used to with a 19-inch display and a resolution of 1024 x 768 would be great.
    • In ergonomics, I would like height adjustment and a reasonable tilt.

    Other features, like connectivity, USB ports, integrated speakers, etc., are interesting but not so important.
    I’d like an attractive design, but it’s not so important as well.

    Finally, the price… About € 300-450, I think. The monitor should be a professional model, solid and durable.

    Thanks for any suggestions.

  • I'm no expert, and will be curious to see what others suggest.

    I have a Dell 2209WA which is 16:10 and got a great review here ("Very Good"), but unfortunately seems to be no longer available and is maybe a bit small @ 22".
    There is a bigger brother that might fit the bill (I'm considering it myself), the Dell U2410, also 16:10 - the review of it here is only in German (only gets a Befriedigend/Satisfactory)
    They say it could have gotten a "Very Good" - except:

    via google translate


    A severe blunder the Dell U2410 affords against the major "Custom Color" mode, which unfortunately is absolutely useless in the current implementation. While this mode is a prerequisite to the course of the calibration really take advantage of the powerful electronics. Simultaneously, the standard mode differs with regard to the wide gradation from a meaningful specification. And exactly this blunder cost the Dell a good or even very good rating

    I speak everyday German - which doesnt include monitor-review-speak :)
    But I think that's saying that out of the box it is neither sRGB nor aRGB, and that you *need* to use the integrated "Custom Color" mode to modify colour - but it's literally unusable. Yet they also say the monitor is good for both sRGB and aRGB. Which seems a bit contradictory.

    So I guess I need to dig a bit deeper...

    After a closer look at the relevant pages in the review, I'm still unsure, but it looks like you might need professional calibration equipment to get either sRGB or aRGB, but the monitor is capable of both, which is impressive. They tested A00 and A01 versions. It's also possible this has been corrected since.

    You'll surely find other reviews as it's not a new monitor. It's around €350 on

    Anyone know more about this Dell monitor?

  • I presume the original poster has gotten a new monitor by now. But just in case anyone else reads my post above:

    in the german language Prad forums, the Dell U2410 seems to be criticised quite often - irregular quality (you could be lucky). A 'glister' (sparkle) effect - from the matt coating being too thick on the screen I think. There's a newer version U2413 that gets mostly good review on - it is more expensive though @ over 440 euros.

    Another Dell alternative is the new P2414 - see review here
    Seems like a bargain @ around 200 euros, if it's good enough for your needs.

    I may get it myself, but waiting on a paycheck ;)