Need recommendation for monitor

  • Need recommendation for monitor
    Good afternoon!
    I am going to buy new monitor for home use. Now I have samsung 723n (about 5 years old already).
    Main usage is office applications, internet, reading, movies - very occasionally (and not important).
    I am from Uzbekistan.
    One of shops who deliver to us - is this one (i am going to buy it here):

    Budget - 150$ (can be extended to 200$ if the monitor worth this).
    Size: currently i have 17 inch (samsung 723n). Was going to buy the same size (BenQ BL702A)
    but this monitor has only VGA. I need DVI. So now i am looking at
    BenQ BL912. This size for me is enough.

    Aspect ratio: my current 5:4 is very comfortable for me, tried 16:9 - but i did not like it (too wide for reading).
    Misc. preferences: (ergonomics - height adjustment - no need, USB hub - no need).

    My primary concern - if safety for eyes, and no eye fatigue during many hours of work. No PWM at all (Pulse Width Modulation), and LOW minimal brightness.

    If another monitor is better than this one i have chosen, please let me know, but only from above mentioned web site.

    Thanks in advance for your advises.