Iiyama ProLite 540S 21" (Prad.de User)

  • Here we are, the Iiyama ProLite 540S-W arrived - with one day delay and in white, since the model with black framework is hardly to purchase at present.

    Qick'n dirty impressions for you: Unfortunately the usual "Whow effect" didn't appear, since the panel refused strictly starting with 1600x1200 even in AUTO mode. The panel remained at poor 1200x960 and the diagram map stated "no more settings available". Strange. Updating the NVidia drivers (Card: MSI FX5600 VTDR) to Ver. 53.03 brought the expected reaction: Whow.

    What a screen, razor-sharp, high-contrast and (switched to ECO2-mode immediately, remains noiseless) in the halfdark office a perfect illuminated panel. No blooming, colors in outstanding balance. Distance to the panel: approx. 1 1/4 arm lengths, +-90 cm.

    The desk light was constantly moved in CRT times because of bloomings to the monitor and now its beside the panel without any negative effect. Since I'm not a gamer (with exception of savage Flippers) I can't tell you nothing regarding timing troubles for the hardcore guys. DVD movies are highly transparently and completely streak-free.

    Various tests [running Prad programs] resulted in zero dead pixel.

    The panel is used for professional DTP and therefore I was in doubt whether black and grey tones may compare to the 21"Belinea CRT. And I must say: Surprise! Black is a just minimum brighter than the CRT, very hard to compare. And also the gray tones ar much better than I expected, just like the old CRT, awesome. White is real white [good old CRT was poor because of aging, the tube has 8 years...].

    I measured the panel for the gammas RED/GREEN/BLUE, afterwards the whole DTP software and printers were re-calibrated. Prints provided on high-quality lossy paper show almost no difference to the panel colours. The Iiyama is clearly closer to the the CRT than expected, perhaps its much better?

    The Iiyama ICC profile doesn't work with Photoshop. Generate your own profile by gamma correction, works perfect. The stand does not correspond to my personal few, guess the designer oriented obviously at pragmatic needs. Anyhow its solid rock on my desk, for height and lateral setting is low-friction and very easy to be used.

    Comparing to the 21"CRT the desk has suddenly much more space. Although this will lead to more rubbish . sic!
    I do not use the USB stroke but tried out, works perfect.

    3,0 GHz P4HT with 1 GByte RAM
    ASUS P4c800-e DeLuxe
    Graphics: MSI Nvidia FX5600XT VTDR

    Conclusion: The panel is outstanding suitable for professional DTP. Even that competitors such as NEC and Eizo permits more detailed settings for the color temperatures its a top choice for Pro's. A good purchase, I'm happy :-). Kapi
    P.S.: Thanks to TFTShop for the outstanding consultation!