Dell 1703FP ( User)

  • After reading such a lot of reviews and useful info on this board I figured the least I could do in return was a short review of the 17-inch monitor I bought: the Dell 1703FP.

    It's quite expensive when bought seperately from Dell, but not so much when ordered together with a complete system. I bought the monitor used myself.


    The Dell is DVI capable, but I have it connected via analog VGA and the image is very sharp and crisp already.

    There also is a 4 port USB hub which I'm not using at the moment but which could prove useful in the future.

    The main distinguishing feature however is the ergonomics imo. The screen can be moved up and down, rotated left and right, tilted and pivoted. I especially like the pivot functionality; the 1024x1280 resolution is great for web browsing, reading PDFs and doing word processing.

    The design of the FP1703 with it's round shapes and silver accents sort of matches my black Logitech Internet Navigator SE keyboard. Be aware that the color of the Dell isn't actually totally black though; it's very dark "midnight" grey which probably matches it with the current line of Dell PCs. I personally think it doesn't look half bad, but I do find it a tad plasticy.

    Now let's move on to the quality of the image. I use the screen mainly for 2D office-like applications and I find it's well suited for this. As I said before even through an analog connection the image is very clear and sharp. As for viewing angles: everything remains clearly visible but the screens gets just a tad darker (a bit less contrast I guess) when looked at from large angles. Nothing to worry about though imo.

    Distribution of lighting is fairly even. Near the edges there is just a hint of a lighter glow when the screen is all black but this is hardly noticable.

    The smaller size of letters did take some getting used to for me though. Don't get me wrong, it's fine for me now but I can see why some people prefer 18 or even 19 inch TFT screens.

    The colors look fine to me but saying anything useful about this is very hard when you don't have another monitor next to it for comparison...

    I don't play a lot of games but I did take the Dell for a spin here. First person action games like Return to castle Wolfenstein show quite a bit of ghosting. When moving quickly things just get a bit blurry. The racing games I played weren't much of a problem however. All in all I wouldn't recommend the 1703FP to hardcore gamers, which can hardly be a surprise as it has a PVA panel.

    Conclusion: I haven't owned any other 17-inch TFTs before so I can't make any comparative judgements but what I *can* say: I like the sharp image and the design and I love the pivot functionality. Gamers should look elsewhere though.

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    Original von Totamec
    Thank you for your test! I wish you a lot of fun with the device!

    No problem! Btw I just noticed an error in the specs here

    Fuß (drehbar): nein
    Pivotfunktion: nein

    Both of these should be "yes".

    There are two versions of the 1703FP, the other is shown here: - this version indeed has a less ergonomic base, but the one I have most definitely can be turned and pivoted.