LG 1930p vs Viewsonic VX912p

  • Hello all. I am in the market for a new 19" monitor. I am interested in teh LG 1930p and the Viewsonic Vx912. Does anybody have personal experience of the two monitors and can give me some advice on how well they perform?
    I will mostly be using the LCD for text,browsing etc but also play a lot of movies and occasionaly games. Do you consider thse two monitors to be good for thei price range or can ypu make anothewr recommendation? I notice that the LG is a 25ms response time panel (IPS?) vs the 12MS repsonse of the Viewsonic's TN panel. Is text clear and colour rendition ok?
    Thank you in advance for your help

  • The LG 1930p contains a MVA panel. This panel typ stands out for high contrast, good colour saturation and reproduction as well as a wide view angle. A weakness is only the limited ability for fast games, but this depends strongly on the individual impression of the owner.

    The TN panel in the Viewsonic can not compete on colours, contarst andf view angle with the LG, but for fast games it is the more suitable TFT model.

    If games are not the main use case for the TFT, have also a look to the Belinea 101920 (with Samsung PVA panel, not distributed in the US). This TFT is worth the money.

    A model with S-IPS panel is the Fujitsu-Siemens P19-1A. Its a good compomise between picture quality and fast response time for gaming.