Eizo L778 (monitor4u.co.kr)

  • Soon in the next days monitor4u will have a review of the EIZO L778:

    So we can see if the "overdrive" is a reliable solution to speed up LCD response time...

    I forgot to say that review is in corean language. :)
    But you can use an online translator to convert in english and understand key things.

  • Hey miomao!

    That’s great. Thank you for the article, but I can’t find an online translator to convert in English. You are sure that's a Korean page? ?( Which online translator do you use?

    Edit: Ups, You're Right! But I can only convert the main page.

  • I use the Google language tools (Korean to English BETA).
    Now there is only a page because they are still making the full review.
    The translation can sound like Nostradamus verses... but the important thing is to know if this monitor is truly fast...

  • Yeah, it works! Thank you for your advice (It’s totally new for me... Google language tools Korean to English BETA... What a Great Idea!). @ Eizo 778 Review. It sounds really good. I can't wait to read a full review and hope the Eizo hasn't special effects like the HP 1955 (grey Ghosting). ;)