Any LCD good for video editing?

  • Hello from Singapore,

    I'm a new user here and after surfing for days for info on LCDs, I finally chanced upon this website and it's excellent.

    The buying guide is especially useful for a quick overview. Thanks very much for the list.

    My main tasks are word processing & Internet surfing (a lot of video and photo sites) ~70%, photo editing ~20% and video editing ~10%.

    Most of the advice I find is for gamers. I was wondering if the requirements for an LCD for video editing is also the same as for gamers.

    Based on the above requirements, would a panel based on IPS technology be the best?

    As brochures aren't always available and the technical specs vary from country to country, would the following ways of judging the type of panel used be correct? (I read it at another site)

    TN: Strong darkening when viewing from below screen.
    IPS: Violet hue on black colours when viewing from the side
    MVA/PVA: No violet hues on dark areas when viewing from below.

    Is this the best way to judge just by looking?


  • Hi Joanne.

    No guru writing here. Just another schmoo with limited budget that is searching for a good solution. Here are my opinions:

    When it comes to these things you must probably ask yourself what kind of person you are. For the majority almost any LCD monitor (with some exceptions) would be more than perfect for all tasks they might try!

    Since VA or IPS panels are that much better in every aspect but responstime I think you could exclude TN from your choices at least. If you then have the possiblity I think you should take a hands on look at a VA and a IPS panel. You will probably see right away which one you prefer when you examine the colors. VA is more colorful (some says gaudy and too much). IPS is more mellow and true (some says weak and washed out).

    The culprit is probably between your photo editing and the video editing. The IPS panel might have problems with darker images and dark areas in images that VA does better. VA might not be responsive and uniform enough to make some video-segment be shown correctly where IPS will do better.

  • So for video editing, I have to look for screens whose requirements meet that for gaming?

    Will keep in mind the VA and IPS panels and eliminate the TNs.


  • Quote

    Originally posted by joteo
    So for video editing, I have to look for screens whose requirements meet that for gaming?

    Well.. yes. Although games have even higher demands on response speed than video editing and watching does. Video editing I suppose have demands on image quality too, moreso than games.

    As for response speed in video editing I dont think IPS will be a problem. VA might be a problem for response speed. IPS might be a problem with image quality. But these 'might' statements all depend on your own perception.

    If you see and like a VA panel but you dont think the response speed is good enough, you might want to look into the new type of panels arriving at the market this year. Theyre called overdrive VA panels. They are VA panels with some technical updating trick to get 12 ms response time instead of the common 25 ms. Models are available from Eizo like L778 and L578. There is also a Samsung model 193P+ (or 194P in some places) that will be arriving soon. Other brands might also have them soon.

    Mind that a 25 ms IPS might have as good percieved moving image response time as another montior with alot faster response time.. something like 16 ms perhaps. So if you like the feeling of IPS it still might be a choice even if overdrive VA panels might sound like a superior option when you look purely technically at it.