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    I used two LG 1930BQ monitors. I had more problems with one of them than the other. I checked and the fabrication model varied slightly. The one I had more problem with was newer.

    I'm fairly convinced that they are probably one of the crappier 19" you can buy at the moment. I know there are some real budget ones out there that are cheaper but not by much.

    Tetsuo. While were on the subject. Is there any general feeling toward TFT resolution and how it strains the eyes.

    I'm asking because I used rather old 17" TFTs at work for a while. Then they got upgraded to 19" TFT and my eyes started hurting like hell. It didnt go away after two weeks (and alot of tweaking) so I had to go back to the 17".

    Is this common?

    Hehe. Yah. It was probably some internet prank you were exposed to. There are programs that help you 'detect' dead pixels though.

    However I belive some people have successfully 'massaged' a TFTs dead pixel and made it work. Low rate of success on that I would assume. And it probably wont work on all types of dead pixels.

    Hey Torben,

    I'm also an ergonomics fanatic. Although I have been looking for quite a long while for the best ergonomy eye-wise for me I haven not come to any big conclusion. Problem with all this is that not many care about these things. Manufacturers nor consumers really care that much about optimal ergonomics. Its more of a side-factor to all other properties of a monitor.

    And I agree with Zaphod.b on all accounts but one. I believe that the type and quality of the panel do matter. Some panels seems to cause more eye-focusing problems than CRT screens even. I dont know why and I dont know the name of the effect but it just seems hard to focus on text and etc. Also I have this problem that I have only worked with rather old and low quality TN TFTs .. so I really dont know how much better a VA or IPS are in terms of eye-ergonomics. I did read some reviews where the reviewers had subjective opinions that IPS panels had sharper text than others, but just slightly so. However the VA's contrast ratio helps distinction in all kind of lighting settings. One thing I do know I have problems is too low viewing angles and too much colorshift on viewing angles. And also if the response time is very low it gets hard on the brain to do alot of scrolling.. especially if the fade effect of the low response time isnt uniform.

    Ah well. I guess I didnt help much. Just venting my opinions for you to judge from. Some says that TFT are a big step up from CRT no matter what kind of TFT you get. I am not that sure. You need a fairly good TFT to beat a very good CRT. If you currently have a weak CRT maybe any TFT would do better for you.

    They both have the same LG/Philips panel? Well.. 20" IPS panel with 16 ms for that price is rather amazing. As I said before this must be a kickass gaming and movie monitor since it does have 4:3 aspect ratio. Only problem would be the contrast ratio.

    Although I think them both models has medium build quality. If you want better you'll want to look at the NEC version with this panel.

    There might be a licencing fee involved too. Its probable that TCO03 is more expensive than TCO99 for producers. Other than that black is simply more popular among general consumers. Although, I think for general use its best to have a matte border on the monitor. However if one mainly do movie-watching perhaps black is better choice.

    They both probably use the same Philips/LG panel. To make it more complicated I think NEC and Philips also has monitors using that panel. However, in my limited knowledge its pretty common that a higher priced monitor with the same panel usually have better quality which could mean more uniform backlight etc. This quality thing is not always true though. You might want to search around and look for signs that puts one monitor ahead of the other.

    Alright. Seems like this monitor is a quite good choice for the moment. Only competition in that pricerange is the models by Xerox, FSC and Ilyama. But the latter three models lower availability. Havent seen the Ilyama models anywhere.

    Although the specs for the new Samsungs looks better, it doesent matter since availability is quite important when you want to buy things. :) And their models will probably be set at a higher price.

    Btw. I saw the VX900 a long time ago. How does the newer model compare to that one image-wise disregarding update speed?

    I would be happy if someone pointed out the drawbacks of these new overdrive technologies. I know some german but I have a hard time weeding out the details about such occurences when reading those posts.

    One obvious drawback would be that the color detail will drop if there is fast updates on the screen. But what in effect would that be? That a game like UT will be running in 16 bit color all the time or just part of the screen in some frames etc. Will some movies be all low color?

    I've seen some talk about a 'twinkling' effect on some panels which has overdrive. But I dont understand what they mean by that. And as far as I know ppl talk about 'twinkling' in other panels than overdrive ones.

    Thanks F.BIenk. It might help. Depends a bit if the retail place understands what you describe. I have no problems understanding it but making someone in a store understand it is another thing.

    Sorry for blahing... but this is rather important. While we're on the subject. Viewsonic is pulling a similar stunt with their VP191b and VP191s models. However that stunt is less appalling since the former VP191 is a quite old model and there will be less confusion. Still bad though. With new specs that are quite different there should be a new model name, print and clear distinction shown for all parties.

    My anger has subdued a bit now and I was thinking the matter over for a bit. I tried to come up with brands that nicely avoid this kind of thing. I think NEC is a good example here. They have 3 different 19" S-IPS panels out there and they have distinct look and model names. Samsung also choose to switch up model names, which at times can be annoying since they have so many models. Its better, however, to have too many models than trying to feed on the info-confusion like LG, Xerox and Viewsonic. I dont know exactly what Eizo is doing but I guess they chose a fairly decent endeavour.

    Perhaps we should start a 'dupe warning'-thread? Anyone have more examples of this trickery?

    Grrrr.. this shit makes me so angry. Its apparent that Xerox has TWO different panels with the same model name and the only difference is response time. One is 8 ms and one is 20 ms. This is so moronic. They play on the fact that the retailers dont know (or care for that matter) shit about what they sell. Not even the best stores gonna be able to tell the difference. They gonna fuck it up already in the factories for christ sake. What is this?! New type of marketing strategy: Sales by Info-Confusion. It was the exact same thing with LG L1930B and L1930BQ. I made one store actually look it up for me and they changed their B to BQ after a while.

    Conclusion: Xerox is NOT an option. They should be sued!

    Anyone know what type of panel the Xerox XA7-19i uses?

    The specs suggest it would be a newer type of VA panel.. but the price-tag is a bit too low for that I believe.

    Hehe.. is that S-PVA? Its got 12 (16) ms update times at least.
    Anyway.. I dont think there are much better TFTs right now for viewing movies. Only problem is the price but I guess thats not a problem for you. :)


    Originally posted by Yomat
    The overdrive MVAs (what you call S-PVA)

    Getting a bit uncertain that that statement is true. There might be panels which have OverDrive and is not S-PVA. I think all S-PVAs use OverDrive though. Could be wrong.. have been before. :)

    By "not-multimedia" you mean without speakers? Hehe.. that would be nice. L778 model is really suffering from those speakers. I dont get why Eizo would use such bad tricks to attract customers. There is no marketspace for them. I mean business people want small profile monitors and highend home users have hifi-eq and dont need stupid monitor speakers. Speakers is more for lowend TN panels with D-SUB only, that household fathers buys, they would never buy such an expensive monitor as L778.

    Hi ho. :)

    What makes you believe S-IPS does not have clear text? There are some evidence that S-IPS have sharpest text acutally. Contrast levles might cause problems in some situations though.

    As for L778. If you can wait there are alot of brands that are about to launch models with MVA and PVA screens with overdrive that will have similar specs. You might want to wait and see how much they will cost.

    15" and 19" screens have the same pixel size. 17" has less pixelsize. It makes the image less grainy. If you put both screens side by side a 17" will look a bit better because of the higher resolution. But a 17" will have smaller text. So its up to your own eyes to decide if you will like the higher resolution or the bigger text. Even so.. a 17" CRT running 1024x768 have even bigger pixel size than 19". Its different for everyone. Native resolution on a 17" is way to small for me and I think most people would prefer the larger text. And there is also another problem with 17: there are less top of the line models to pick from there. Most of them are lowend TN panels.

    There is only subjective ranking when it comes to picking equipment for your own usage. :) The general consensus however seems to be that PVAs are a bit better. The overdrive MVAs (what you call S-PVA) thats comming are of course better in response time. Otherwise the specs are similar.