Xerox XA7-19i ?

  • Anyone know what type of panel the Xerox XA7-19i uses?

    The specs suggest it would be a newer type of VA panel.. but the price-tag is a bit too low for that I believe.

  • Grrrr.. this shit makes me so angry. Its apparent that Xerox has TWO different panels with the same model name and the only difference is response time. One is 8 ms and one is 20 ms. This is so moronic. They play on the fact that the retailers dont know (or care for that matter) shit about what they sell. Not even the best stores gonna be able to tell the difference. They gonna fuck it up already in the factories for christ sake. What is this?! New type of marketing strategy: Sales by Info-Confusion. It was the exact same thing with LG L1930B and L1930BQ. I made one store actually look it up for me and they changed their B to BQ after a while.

    Conclusion: Xerox is NOT an option. They should be sued!

  • Sorry for blahing... but this is rather important. While we're on the subject. Viewsonic is pulling a similar stunt with their VP191b and VP191s models. However that stunt is less appalling since the former VP191 is a quite old model and there will be less confusion. Still bad though. With new specs that are quite different there should be a new model name, print and clear distinction shown for all parties.

    My anger has subdued a bit now and I was thinking the matter over for a bit. I tried to come up with brands that nicely avoid this kind of thing. I think NEC is a good example here. They have 3 different 19" S-IPS panels out there and they have distinct look and model names. Samsung also choose to switch up model names, which at times can be annoying since they have so many models. Its better, however, to have too many models than trying to feed on the info-confusion like LG, Xerox and Viewsonic. I dont know exactly what Eizo is doing but I guess they chose a fairly decent endeavour.

    Perhaps we should start a 'dupe warning'-thread? Anyone have more examples of this trickery?

  • There are two different Displays distributed under the same name "XA7-19" bei Xerox. The newer one is the one with 8ms. You can identifie it by the red Button on the package and the UPC-Code you can find on Xerox Web-Site.

    Both Display use VA-Panels manufactured by Proview, as far as I know.

    I am using this Panel for a month now, and I am very pleased.

    Hope this may help you


  • Thanks F.BIenk. It might help. Depends a bit if the retail place understands what you describe. I have no problems understanding it but making someone in a store understand it is another thing.