Dell 2405fpw vs. Dell 2005fpw ( user)

  • Let me pay back to this forum. Unfortunatly forum doesn´t allow pictures, so reading gets a little crippled. :(

    DELL 2405fpw / DELL 2005fpw. The affordable widescreens! Whats different?

    The DELL 2405 FPW

    Here it is, in all its beauty!

    I don´t have to mention that the 2405fpw features a 4in1 cardreader at the side of it. The 2005fpw doesn´t have a card-reader. It works perfectly. Also the 2405fpw has a "component-video-in" in addition to the "composite-" and "S-Video-in". The 2005fpw does not have component-in.

    At the moment the 2405fpw takes several weeks to deliver. Mine took 4 weeks here in germany and i think the situation got worse.

    Size-comparison: DELL 2405fpw / DELL 2005fpw

    Unfortunatly the 20" screen 2005fpw has a lot richer colors than its bigger brother! Incredibly Lush!

    Sorry...due to the perspective of the picture they both seem to be the same size. That´s wrong of course. It´s no composite picture and i also didn´t do any retouching to any of the photos. The 2405fpw is out of focus too.

    This can be dealt with in the NVIDIA-driver settings.

    You would think the 24" screen to be as colorfull as its smaller brother, if you wouldn´t have a side by side comparison. The 2405fpw is damn great enough for movies. But it´s bad to know this of course if you are a graphics artist. As an artist you would go for best color-reproduction. (You´d probably even go for an EIZO? Wrong. I had a good semi-pro 19" EIZO. It had a better blacklevel but the 2005fpw had better colors!)
    The 24" screen is almost too large to work in front of. If you´re a graphics artist and intent to work, i strongly recommend to buy two 2005fpw´s for all your open paletts and panels, instead of one 2405fpw.

    The 2405fpw makes up with a lot brighter image. Its radiant!
    ..Even the better for movies and games. In a direct comaprison the 2005fpw looks dull. This effect in reality is even worse - these pictures here do not quite show how brilliant, clear and bright the 2405fpw is. It´s amazing! Good too, if you work in a daylight enviroment. This screen doesn´t bother if it gets light in your room, you can see everything. Thus at night you wanna turn down your 2405 fpw. not eating out white-levels, it´s not over-bright.
    I THOUGHT THE 2005fpw to be bright all the time because it compares well to other flatpanels...but the 2405fpw beats all now, imho.

    The 2405fpw has a more even black. The pearly violet shine of the smaller brother and its lightspill in the corner is GONE!
    Here you can see the uneven lighting of the 2005fpw. Of course usually you don´t notice this so strongly as in this over-exposed picture. BUT in comparison the 2405fpw is a rocksolid smooth black. No corners and NO pearly violett shine from no angel.

    Here are two more downsides to the 2405fpw. It´s more "view-angle-dependant" and its slightly more glossy :(
    These things of course don´t bother you if you sit in front of it, working.

    CONCLUSION: You gotta know what you wanna do most.
    Play games, watch movies, the 2405fpw will knock you out of your socks. You work in Photography, Graphics, 3D than have two small ones. Because you get better colors on the small one and you don´t need that brightness. And you have more workspace! 1920x1200pixel is not nearly as much as 2x 1680x1050. ;)


  • Thanks.
    Let me add some more slight disadvantages of the 2405fpw:

    1. In all its wonderfull brightness, you can´t dim it much. Even turned down to zero brightness its still bright.

    2. Every time you turn the screen on and off, windows shuts down/reloads its cardreader-drives (smartmedia, compactflash,....)

    3. i started to use many application not in fullscreen anymore that i formerly used fullscreen....because they get TOO big. Thats still after a month a little disturbing.

    I´d really recommend the 2005fpw to everyone. You don´t need the big one, unless you watch a lot of movies.

  • yeh, i noticed the problem with the window size after an half hour using Apple's 30" Cinema Display.

    Videos and video editing is pretty nice, but surfing... uaaaah
    Every time i opened a new window i startet to resize and order the other ones.

    On my own Displays I simply use "fullscreen-button" ;)
    I want to use this nice windows-function in the future... :D

    so i ordered a 20" version :) *hoping this red colors on black background won't be there*

  • Zitat

    Unfortunatly the 20" screen 2005fpw has a lot richer colors than its bigger brother! Incredibly Lush!

    IMHO 2405 has more natural color.
    How do U calibrate colors in monitors?
    Which graphics card is the best for this monitor, 2405fpw? Best image quality, sharp&clear.

  • I can´t say anything about graphics cards. If you´re using the digital plugs, i GUESS all gfxcards will be alike or at least it´s unnoticable. It´s only the analogue outputs of the gfxcards that differ.
    I saw both screen running side by side.
    It might be that the colors of the 24" screen seemed subjectivly more natural to you. Maybe you don´t like saturated color as much.

    But the 20" had a larger spectrum and could display richer colors than the 24" screen. Colors which the 24" screen simply wasn´t capable off producing, without "overdriving" the signal (gaining on one end of the spectrum but loosing on the other)

  • Zitat

    [i]Originally posted by Apairon

    This can be dealt with in the NVIDIA-driver settings. [/quote]

    What did you do to adjust the setting to get that color change please?

  • It's in the color-correction tab of your standart nvidia geforce drivers.
    You don´t even need coolbits.

    In the german drivers it's called "digitale schwingung"
    I can only translate it into ~ "digital oscillation". It's the top most control, just above brightness, contrast, gamma, and image-sharpening