19'' Samsung CX913P aka 971P (monitor4u.co.kr)

  • The korean site have a SyncMasterMagic CX913P review.
    Look as the asian equivalent of our SyncMaster 971P.

    Machine translated version:

    (don't use combo-box to change page or you will lose translation)

    Max measured contrast is 1451:1 (if I have understand). 8o
    Don't confuse with many 1600:1, 2000:1, ... dynamic contrasts obtained with image processing techniques.

    Ok, translation is horrible but at least you can look the images...

  • According to news the 971P will be released in Europe this month (July).

    Probably it will be the contrast champion but I don't like so much the design.
    Many people have had problems with 970P base arm and this seems to be still more delicate.
    Without to speak about the software-only controls...

    I hope it have a good street price at 400 Euro or less.

    Obviously may be that 971P base is even more solid.
    I have seen only the photos.

  • New reviews from "Tweaknews"

    I love this monitor, it is a cyrstal clear display, sharp text ,good colors , real spva panel (970p doesn't).. but unfortunately a little color shifting