• This is a translation from the 24 inch NEC LCD2470WNX german review.

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  • In your review of the NEC 2470WNX, you state that the input lag was 33ms (2 frames) in native resolution and 50ms (3 frames) interpolated. Are those average numbers, and if so, did you also record the minimum and maximum numbers? In your opinion, did the 2470 have more or less lag than the other 24" LCDs you've tested?

    Also, you mention problems with the overdrive. Are these similar to the problems reported on the Dell 24" LCDs, like inverse ghosting?

    I currently have a ViewSonic VP2130b (S-PVA, 8ms); would the 2470 be comparable for gaming considering 6ms response and input lag?

    Thank you very much.