Samsung 215TW discontinued (?)

  • There are indications that Samsung 215TW is a discontinued product.…ntinuedproducts/215tw.asp

    This can mean that Samsung is moving all sub 24 inch wide monitors to cheap TN panels?
    ...or they are preparing a replacement product with wide viewing angle?
    (remembering the Rinaldo's words on a new 22'' S-PVA panel...)

    What do you think?


    Another evidence:


    This product has been discontinued as of Monday, June 04, 2007.

  • More than 100 views and not a single opinion? :rolleyes:

    I want to buy a widescreen replacement for my "old" 970P and the 215TW departure isn't a good news.
    With the explosion of TN panels mania I have some doubt to see affordable high quality LCDs in the future. :(