• Hey,

    First of all, prad.de is really fast with the review of the Dell 2709W, i am really intrested in this monitor.
    I wanted to go for the Dell 2408WFP before i saw this review, but i can get the Dell 2709W for the same price as the 2408WFP via Dell.com.
    Reading through the review on Prad.de, with a translator, cause im Dutch and the review is German only so far.
    Very nice review, but im wondering one thing, why does this monitor gain only one + on the Farbraum (color space):

    While the Dell 2407-HC does gain two ++ on color space. Both screens offer a wide gamut, the 2709W has even a wider gamut, so for color space, it should have gained two ++ as a score?
    Last question to you, would the 2709W be a better buy then the 2408WFP? the 2709W is currently 623 euro's, the 2408WFP about the same via a company.

    Many thanks, i love Prad, so fast with the reviews and you guys test everything about the monitor, even mechanics which many reviewers dont take into account.


    Paul, The Netherlands

  • Hi Paul,

    I'll try to answer your questions.

    Though I have not been testing both monitors, but only the new 2709W, I will try to explain the difference in the Farbraum (color space) evaluation:

    It's true that the color space of the 2709W is bigger, but the result (+) does not only depend on the size of the colorspace but also on the profiles the display offers to come as close as possible to the desired profiles (as defined in *.icm and *.icc) on the computer.

    The 2709W offers sRGB and AdobeRGB screen profiles that you can select in the OSD directly. While the AdobeRGB setting is still ok, the sRGB is so severely undersaturated that it cannot be used at all.

    In order to get the screen to perform really well, you have to calibrate it with a colorimeter and the according software. Once you've done that, the screen gives good/very good results in both sRGB and AdobeRGB, as well as ECI RGB 2.0 and also passes the UGRA test.

    The reason for "only" giving the screen a + and not a ++ in that area, is the fact that the provided screen profiles are not that good to work with and a colorimeter is needed to get the results a (semi-)pro user demands.

    If you can get the 2709W and 2408WFP for basically the same price, I see no reason why not to take the bigger one.

    I tested the 2709W myself and wrote the report and I am fully satisfied with its performance (apart from hardcore gaming, you can use it in every field).

    Hope that answers your questions.


  • Hi,

    Many thanks for your clear explained answers, as far i understand from you, the 2709W would have got ++ in color space if it was calibrated at the factory allready with the according hardware/software?

    I have allready the screen ordered and it arrived today, im very pleased with it, thanks to Prad.de, im ended with this monitor (Prad is known to be reliable and its the only review so far), had to make a decision fast for the 25% off.



  • Looking at the test results, I'd say it's an 8 Bit Display.
    I have to experience with the FRC (Frame Rate Control) mechanism, but it surely should not have a negative impact on the colors.

  • Ey,

    Very much thanks for your help. Im typing this now on the 2709W, really love it.
    One question, if i do iiyama monitor test, and a full red colored screen, i can see a small blue line on the right-hand side of the monitor, this is really to the right, on the corner (end of monitor).
    Is this normal? btw, the test is run in 1680x1050 32bit.


  • I allready found out, it was the software adding a blue line to the display...
    Another thing ive to note, on digitalversus, they say its an MVA screen.... lol talk about screen experts:P

  • Yeah thx, im enjoying the monitor over a week now. Strange thing is, i was in a store, and 22' is so small cause im used to 27'. Its true what they say, once youve get 27'' you dont wanna go back.
    Readed the englisch review once again using the 2709w ;)

    Btw, i can hear a light buzz sound coming from the monitor, its not annoying and can only be heard when other sources dont make any noise. This is normal for this type monitor i guess?

  • Another question, when playing games (bf2, Crysis, etc), i have the following experience.
    When im standing still in the game looking at objects they appear 'normal', but when i move within the game, i see the objects lighting up abit. When i stand still, they appear to be darker.

    Its not really annoying me, but im wondering if its the monitor or a defect somewhere.
    Ive tried different settings in the menu, Graphic mode and movie mode (with the different settings in there).
    Also, the sky and smoke is a bit 'saturated'. What i think can help is calibration. I have installed the .ini file from the Dell cd now.

    Could you perhaps upload the calibrated file from the Dell 2709W?
    I would be very pleased, as other sites like digital versus dont upload them anymore frequently.

  • Quote

    Could you perhaps upload the calibrated file from the Dell 2709W?

    Games don't use the icc files - they're not colour-managed. Oversaturated colours are a usual "symptom" when using WCG displays in applications with no colour-management and sRGB (or a comparably colour space) as source colour space. This includes games or videos.