Questions about NEC 2690WUXi

  • I'm VERY interested in purchasing this monitor, but I've a few questions before doing it:

    1) How does it scale with resolutions lower than the native 1920x1200 for the Windows Desktop (not in games)? I'd like to know which is the text quality with these resolutions, at least with 1680x1050. I've the famous NEC 20WGX2 at the moment and I'm not satisfied with its interpolation algorithm. With resolutions lower than 1680x1050 text is very blurred with the 'aspect' expansion mode and it is impossible to work with. In the review, only it is tested the interpolation algorithm in games, not in the desktop.

    2) What is the *real* sRGB gamut percentage on this monitor? I suspect that the actual sRGB gamut is about 72% but I'm not sure of this. Can you confirm this? I know this monitor is wide gamut and the aRGB gamut is about 93% and the NTSC gamut about 91%. If this is true (the sRGB gamut is 72%) how does it affect to the color representation on this mode? Can you qualify it as poor?

    3) I've read posts on other forums where people has used this monitor in order to play games under real DOS boxes (i.e., classic games). I'm interested on this too, specially for the custom scaling feature. Since this monitor is wide gamut by nature, how does the color rendition is under real DOS games? Is it very oversaturated or in games is this not noticeable? Can you play classic games under DOS boxes in a comfortably manner?

    4) Is it possible to work with it comfortably in the sRGB color space? Can the monitor be calibrated by hardware under the sRGB space or is this not possible yet (only via the graphics card LUT)? At least, is it more accurate in the sRGB space than HP LP2475w?

    Thanks very much for your help.


  • 1) I would say it good, the text isn't as sharp as in 1920x1200 but still good, depending on the font you use, if you didn't like the 20WGX2 interpolation I doubt that you will like, the interpolation of most 24-26" screen since the pixels are bigger.

    2) sRGB on wide gamut monitors sucks, plain and simple, and the 2690 is a good example of it. It will never be the same as monitors that aren't wide gamut, red and green will always look more saturated, using color aware programs will lessen the effect, but if you need to use it professionally, forget about it, stick with your old screen. On the other hand working with photoshop is really nice, especially when editing aRGB photos.

    3) The scaling in the monitor is very good, however there is a limit to what will look good when you blow a 640x480(or lower) resolution up to full screen, it's the same problem when watching standard definition(SD) movies on a screen this large.

    4) No, and you can't calibrate the lut in sRGB, as I already said it will never be the same. It's hard to say if it's more accurate than the HP, I saw both monitors uncalibrated in sRGB and I wasn't impressed, I haven't tried calibrating my nec in sRGB since you can't calibrate the lut. btw you can down a free 14 days trial of the spectraview software from the nec homepage and do a lut calibration if you have a calibrator :)

    I would suggest that you buy via mail order, that way you can always return it, if you don't like it.

  • Thanks Lashton for your help :)

    Yes, I want to order the monitor on an online shop. In my country, Spain, we have 7 days to evaluate the product. If customer is not satisfied, he can send back to the shop paying shipping.


  • Hi Lashton:

    I've the following problem, it is odd though. When I connect my 2690 to the graphics card of my main PC via a DVI-D connection, text mode and another resolutions lower than native are automatically detected as the native (1920x1200). For example, BIOS Setup screen is in text mode and is detected as 1920x1200 size. Windows XP logo screen is about 640x480 I think and again it is detected as 1920x1200px. The issue is I have no expansion modes available except custom zoom (I'd like to have available the ASPECT mode at least).

    I have another NEC monitor, a 20WGX2 Pro, and this unit is connected to another PC via a D-Sub cable. Here the 20WGX2 detects text mode resolutions as 720x400 and the Windows XP logo screen with the same resolution. Therefore, I have expansion modes available and I can expand/stretch the image as desired. But if I connect the 20WGX2 to the MAIN PC with the DVI-D connection, 2690 issues appear again: no expansion modes are available for the 20WGX2 under text mode (BIOS screen) and under Windows XP logo screen.

    May be a problem with main PC's graphics card? It's a XFX NVIDIA 6600GT with 128MB. This card has only 2 DVI inputs (no D-Sub available) so I have no possibility to test the 2690 with a D-Sub connection on this PC. The other PC (with the D-Sub connection) has integrated graphics (NVIDIA Quadro 280 I think) and the 20WGX2 interpolates nicely the text mode and other resolutions.

    May be a problem of both NEC's with DVI connection? A firmware problem perhaps?

    Anyone with a 2690 and/or 20WGX2 can help me?

    Thanks a lot

  • Hi, you can access the extended menu by holding the input in, while turning on the monitor, this will give you a lot more options :)
    Don't forget to enable the overdrive.

    Maybe setting the DVI to analog will solve your problem. I don't have that problem with my gfx card (nvidia 8800GT, running vista x64), I have set the monitor to briefly display the resolution when it switches and so far there haven't been any problems.