Fujitsu P23T-6P service menu

  • I just got this display few days ago and so far I'm very pleased with it. Supports 75Hz through DVI which is nice. However, the overdrive works a bit buggy and differently to P24W-6. P23T-6P it is only enabled in video mode when in P24W-6 it is enabled in every mode. There's a workaround to get the overdrive to work in office mode too but it requires few button pushes (video mode, then eco mode on and then off) every time I turn it on or if display mode changes. So that leads to my main question (hopping that it would provide permanent solution). Does anyone know how to access service menu in this display? I'd like to take a look if there's some overdrive related settings available.

    To me this is a clear firmware bug and I'm rather sure that it should be on in every mode.

  • The overdrive makes a big difference. It's a shame that Fujitsu has this bug or design "brain fart" since it would make it head and shoulders better choice that other 23" IPS panels (well, it does still work but still - PRAD review completely missed it and for obvious reasons).

  • Thank you for understanding that we missed this point. It's quite impossible to have each and every combination measured in our lab. All the more because there may be "hidden" combinations where option A becomes visible only when option B is disabled, and vice versa.

    Sorry, but I can't help you out with those service menu access codes.

  • If anyone know or finds a way how to enter in service menu I would appreciate it. I've been really pleased with the monitor that overdrive bug is a bit annoying but I can live with it.

  • I was able to find some interesting menu by holding ECO and AUTO button at the same time , there is a video on Youtube that also shows this menu

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