Upgrading from Samsung SyncMaster 245t...

  • Hello,

    Currently, I use the Samsung SyncMaster 245t and I have some issues with performance:

    a. Aspect ratio control is limited (e.g. 1:1 is not possible on HDMI, I have ~5% overscan!).

    b. The AR coating is plainly visible (from 30cm viewing distance).

    c. Due to lack of emulation, sRGB is not possible.

    d. Occasionally, panel-based artifacing occurs on rapid movements in high contrast settings.

    e. The fan is distinctly audible.

    In order to justify an upgrade, I would like to address these issues in addition to sticking with 24" 16:10 (although I'd consider close alternatives),
    and obtaining proper 1080p24 playback. In terms of usage, I prioritize video (maybe 50%), do some light gaming (~20%), and the rest of the time
    I'm mostly internet-ing (30%).

    In Canada Newegg, NCIX, and MemoryExpress are some notable computer hardware e-tailers, but a quick search with shopbot.ca will unearth
    some of the more barebones sites (which nonetheless can have better offers). My budget is pretty flexible; my monitor is something I stare
    longingly into more often than I'd care to admit.

    Before I was considering the Eizo FX2431, but I've taken a look at the recent German review of the HP ZR2240w here on PRAD and it looks like a really solid,
    affordable solution. I mean, if ~1200-1500 dollars was what it took to get a premium video monitor, I'd do it; on the other hand, if I can get something comparable
    for a mere ~450 dollars, then I can be satisfied. We might finally get some decent OLED displays this year, after all...

    Any thoughts?