• First of all. Sorry for my English. It's kinda bad.

    So. I've been learning a lot of information 'bout input lag. And what i have found is the app called SMTT 2.0 (the latest release of the program). I've read a lot of information in not my native language and concluded to download and test this program. But there's no files at all in whole internet i've found. The latest article that I "read" was this. And in conclusion was wrote some like you can download it on PRAD in test programs area. And there's nothing like so.

    And the question: does anyone have the copy of the program? or maybe you have the reasons to not use theese program somewhy (maybe i just become to the old era of measurement, and not found the newer solutions yet). I'd love to see some information. At best the link for the copy of program. Thx for all!

  • SMTT 2.0 is unfortunately no longer free. In this respect you have to contact the programmer Thomas Thiemann. I will send you the mail addresses via PN.