[Test] Iiyama ProLite E481 (Prad.de User) [translated]

  • This is a translation of Maxiats Test.
    The TFT looks very nice in black. Ergonomics and design is perfect, but the TFT can not be turned to the right or left side. Canting is no problem ´cause of the good mechanics and holder.

    Installation is quit easy. In the package was no DVI-cable, so I´m using right now the analog cable which produces a really good picture.

    Once again: the screen has a good image. Great sharpness, strong colours, everything looks perfect.
    Contrast and brightness is very good too: really consistently.
    There is no noise at all, the TFT is quiet.

    Let´s go to the menu: Functions are sorted logical and it´s easy to use. In my opinion is the "input-button" nice, ´cause you can hop between the analog-input and dvi-input signal.

    The auto-adjust function works fine.

    Some Details:
    Mode: 1280x1024 @32bp
    Frame rate: 59.7 Hz
    Gamma factor: 1.525

    Flag test: s->w: 80.0%, w->s: 69.0%, s->g:-, w->g:-
    Chase test: s->w: 80.0%, w->s: 69.0%, s->g:-, w->g:-
    Readability: Speed 7
    Game: Score: 207 Points, Strike-rate: 27%

    Streaks: 0-4mm

    Auto Test:
    The car makes some streaks (1mm)
    No stripes

    Colour course:
    Red to black: very good
    Yellow to black: good
    Red to blue: very good
    White to black: good

    3 on black

    Only some, during scolling or other screenworks where no streaks to see.

    Medieval Total War : ++
    Emperor -Rise of the.. : ++

    A really good TFT and much more better as an old 17" Samsung CRT screen.

    Have fun.


    Translated by Totamec.