LCD Comparison: 17'' and 19'' around 20ms (Tom's Hardware)

  • Interesting comparison in french language (for now).

    The new Samsung 193P get "four stars" in games and movies.

    We must forget anything we know about PVA technology?

  • Yep, maybe we are no experts at all. We are just some freaks with no technology-knowledge or analytical thinking.

    Just fun to read this article... :D

  • I work all day with a PVA panel monitor... but I start to have some doubt about new Samsung models.

    I don't trust reviews, but more than a person says the 213T is good with games and movies.
    Maybe Samsung has found the way to speed up PVA panels.

    I'm very curios and wait for some forum review...

  • Just for your curiosity, there is a link on Anandtech to a Xbit-review of 5 Samsung TFT. And one of them with PVA is according to their judgement good for gaming, another one with very low response time appearantly not.

    And just to comment your remark about the 213T, which I own. It is an excellent monitor indeed with satisfying gaming performance. Not really great (compared to CRT) but good from my point of view. Gaming is fun, ghosting is bearable. And DVD is still not excellent but very good.

  • Thanks Franky

    X-Bits write:


    fast TN matrixes suit for gaming monitors, while PVA ones, on the contrary, make a good office monitor, but are quite bad at displaying action-full computer games

    But also you say that 213T has decent gaming performance.

    So seem to be a tangible difference from old PVA generation (SyncMaster 191T) and the new generation (193P).