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    Yes, it was in english but since I posted in the german forum I (google)translated it to german :love:

    I have made some more pictures. Can you please tell me if such bleeding is considered normal.
    I am considering to exchange the display for another one as this is preety annoying to me.

    Thank you for your reply.

    What exactly do you mean by 'pull a bit on the bottom left corner'?

    Should I try to (gently) press together the front end and the back end of the bezel of the monitor,
    or should I try to gently pull down on the bezel (as if I was trying to stretch the monitor) ...wont this
    make the backlight bleeding worse?

    Namely, I can notice the gray/silver shine with darker corners even by day (although I have a quite dark
    room without lights, with drapes on the windows). But, I have a window to my left (about 1 meter away)
    so some shine is also due to daylight sneaking in.

    Vor wenigen Tagen kaufte ich das Dell P2414H Monitor. Allerdings bin ich wirklich zu bemerken, die silbergrauen
    Glanz in der linken unteren Ecke. Ist das IPS-Glow-Hintergrundbeleuchtung oder Blutungen

    Der Glanz ist nicht so stark, wenn sie aus etwa 1 Meter entfernt (Filme) angeschaut, aber spürbar ist es bei
    Spielen (ca. 50-70 cm vom Bildschirm entfernt)

    Ich nahm einige Bildschirme mit meinem Handy von der schwarzen Seite (Mauszeiger in die Unterkante Mitte)
    in verschiedenen Winkeln sowie von Dragon Age II Startbildschirm.

    Ist eine solche Glanz ok für ein IPS-Monitor (Helligkeit auf 37 eingestellt ist, im Gegensatz zu 75)?

    Hallo, wiel ich auch deutsch verstehe, beim schreiben bin ich nicht so gut :O
    english ligt mir besser :D

    Backlight bleeding is noticable only when working in a dark room (no lights,
    only monitor on) and is not very annoying ...the corners get a slightly silverly sheen...but you have to look at this to really notice. With the lights on I cannot notice this ...the corners are the same as the rest of the screen.

    For office use this is not really important since most applications use white or colory bright backgrounds. Also backlight bleeding is not the same in two monitors seems that this is a build problem and can be solved at the
    HP service ..or at home if you wish to void the warrenty.

    Feel free to contact me at gmail if you need any additional info!


    Hallo, Ich habe ein LP1965 test geschrieben in der English section einige tage

    für mehr info kannst du mich auf kontaktieren ...aber bitte
    in english...meine deutsch is sehr schwach :(


    Hi, I just saw that the LCD base now lists also HP LP1965.

    I have one question ...the base states that this display uses an Chi Mei Optoelectronics S-MVA panel. However, on my LCD in the info menu it
    states HP LP1965 AUO 008. Does that means that my display uses AU
    Optonics P-MVA panel or not?

    Just curious, otherwise I just love this display :D

    Well I have the LP1965 a few days so a review is in order ;).

    So few boring details:
    AUO P-MVA panel (I believe it is M190EG01 V0 - OSD shows HP LP1965 AUO M008).
    0.294 mm pixel, 16.7mio barv, 1280x1024
    respinse time : 6ms grey-to-grey, 20ms rise-and-fall
    178° angle
    pivot, 10cm height adjustment, -5°/30° slanting, swivel
    brightness 300 cd/m2
    contrast 1000:1
    2x DVI priklop
    4x USB
    supports 75Hz (no tearing noticed so far)

    Pictures found on the net:
    net pics 1
    net pics 2
    net pics 3

    Initialy I bought kupil LG 1970HR (for 300eur) ...since the prad review graded it as very good
    ...however the picture on mine was crap...upper side was very very dark
    I returned it and for 30eur more I got HP.

    crappy LG 1970HR

    Comparison with my old CRT monitor Samsung 959NF:

    HP vs. Samsung

    As for ergonomics all I can say...WAAAHOOOOO ...10cm hight adjustable,
    slanting, swiveling, pivot ...all you can ask for :D.

    The quality of build is very high, no squiking, all parts fitted together nicely
    (not like Samsung 940Fn I almost bought X(). The buttons on the front are
    very good and have a high quality feel ...all in all....much better build than
    with LG. Cables are managed in the same was as with LP2065. The monitor
    is virtually silent, and has no dead pixels.

    The fool is made of metal ...and very heavy and stable with LP2065.

    Now to the main part, display. The monitor I received suffers from backlight
    bleeding ...quite a lot it seems from the below pictures ...but in everyday use
    this is only noticable if used in a dark room with a dark (black) background.
    Annoying ..but can be lived with

    backlight bleeding
    again ghosting test...well this was a little dissapointment, the 2-3mm trail
    is clearly visible gets a little beeter when the monitor is properly warmed
    ...but stil not perfect ...for work I use few years old LG L1810B
    with IPS panel and 25ms rise-and-fall response...and no trail is visible

    However, in reality, I didn't notice any ghosting or corona effect in any of the
    tested games (Far Cry, Gothic 3 and Neverwinter Nights 2) ...also one of my
    friends tested this with his Viewsonic 191b and also noticed the few mm trail
    ...but on the LG trail notices...thanx to 2ms rt. ghosting test
    ghosting revealed

    If anybody knows about any other ghosting test I would gladly test it and
    report back :D

    Colors are very nice and sharp..eventhough my old crt has more vivid colors
    ...thanx to Samsung MagicBright ...however this can change once you set
    brightness/contrast differently ...current settings are at 42 and 65 (but the
    pictures were made at 47/74)

    Far Cry
    Far Cry - at the sea
    Gothic 3
    Gothic 3 - i'm a wandered...a wonderer

    Note that both the crt and the lcd are wired to the same computer and that
    the brightness settings in the games were made initially for the crt monitor.

    HP LP1965 shows around 15ms lag ...compared to the Samsung ...but not

    lcd lag
    still lagging ...get a lager lagger

    All-in-all, for 330eur a very good monitor ...backlight bleeding is annoying if
    you know where to look...but this can be fixed at a local HP servis shop if
    need arises :D :D

    If someone can translate this into german...please go ahead...if I do in you
    will all need a dictionary :O

    Any more new on the HP LP1965?

    I have an LG 1970HR since a week ago ...but I am very unsatisfied with the
    viewing angle ..pfuj (the upper part of the screen is significantly darker than
    the lower part an is extremely annoying to me)...and I am considering to
    exchange this monitor for the HP. Has anybody seen this display in real?

    Sorry für schlecht deutsch : (

    I have zeit eine woche ein LG 1970HR LCD ...ein gutes monitor aber hat für
    much sehr schlechte blickwinkel ...hat eine foto gemacht ....the obere teil ist
    sehr dunkel ...die unteres teil lichter

    Ich studiere das Monitor zurückzuschicken und es gegen HP LP1965 auszutauschen. Der HP hat einer S-PVA panel richtig??)

    Soll ich den Monitor umtauschen… da fast kein Info für den HP ist
    an die internet zu finden. Können sie mir helfen, eine rechte
    Entscheidung zu treffen.

    Danke viel mahl!!


    Help me choose an LCD used primarely used for gaming:

    Dell 1907FP - better ergonomics and looks


    LG L1970HR(BF) - faster

    According to the reviews, both displays have very good colors and contrast
    (for TN panels that is), and cost about the same in Slovenia (~330eur).

    Maybe you can recommend another display (price limit is 350eur)...
    I found HP 1965 but so far not a lot informatin on it :(

    Display will be used for gaming (Neverwinter Nights 2, Gothic 3, Oblivion also
    Far Cry, Crysis, Quake 4, Fear) and also usuall internet and home office work
    (adds to maybe 15% but is not that relevant).

    Thanx a lot!


    Budget: around 350eur

    Size: 19" (I play most of games at 1280x1024 ...graphic card 7900GT + 2GB ram + Athlon64 @2800Mhz) - but not widescreed

    On-line shops: 2 many to count - link here

    Use: gaming 70%
    internet/office 20%
    movies 10% - mostly previewing ...I watch all movis on a DVD player and TV

    Preferences: hight adjustment (but this is not all that important)

    Yes, I'm avare of the brightness uniformity problem...but according to
    the guy I talked few days ago (he tested the 940Fn, but I forgot his
    name :() it is really noticable only on the dark screen ..hopefully I can
    check this out today.

    Any other suggestion for a gaming 19" LCD?

    I see. Well I am not exactly a HC a sense I play mostly FRP
    games (like Oblivion, ...Neverwinter Nights 2 and Gothic 3 are on the top
    of my waiting list ...but I do enjoy FEAR, Far Cry and similar).

    So speed is not all that critical for me...not if it is sacrificed by image
    quality in your opinion would the 940Fn be suitable for me? I
    also had my eyes on the LG 1970HR with TN panel ...but it seems
    mostly PVA/MVA panels are recommended by gurus.

    What about the new LG screens L1900E/L1900J/L1900R

    What is the difference between them and the 1970HR?
    There new monitors seem to support there any
    reason to choose these over the 1970HR?

    Also, how come that all recommended LCDs for gaming are
    with TN panels? Arent PVA panels generally better?

    Which 19" LCD would be best for gaming? I don't know if the buyers guide is up to date or not, but I'm considering LG L1970HR (TN, 2ms) or Philips 190P7ES (P-MVA, 8ms). Any other LCD worth the thought?

    Sorry for the english topic, but I am not very fluent in German : (

    Welches 19 " LCD würde für gaming am besten sein?

    Ich bin nich sicher oder das Kaufberatung seite up to date ist, aber Ich
    habe diese LCDs geschaut: LG L1970HR (TN, 2ms) or Philips 190P7ES (P-MVA, 8ms)

    Welcher is besser? Ist irgendein anderer LCD wert den Gedanken?