NEC 1980SXi-BK ( User)

  • I don't know why, but i was unable to put all pictures here. So, I decide to give You a link for a "full ver. of this review"

    NEC 1980 SXi „Mini-Review” by Peacemaker

    Specs :

    Screen size – 19’’
    Revision – A1
    Matrix type– S-IPS (probably by NEC)
    Number of colors – 16.7 mil
    Pixel response time– 25 ms
    Native resolution (pixels)– 1280 x 1024
    Dot pitch – 0.294 mm
    Viewable area – 376 x 301 mm
    Brightness – 270 cd/m2
    Contrast – 500 : 1
    Viewing angles – 176/176
    Extra features – Ultra thin bezel – 17 mm, OmniColor (sRGB), Ambix+ (D-Sub, DVI-I, DVI-D), TORO (pivot), RapidResponse, RapidMotion,
    Warranty – 36 months

    NEC 1980 SXi – links :

    Polish site

    Origin :

    At a glance :

    Base – heavy, very stable, takes up little space
    Monitor stand– forward/backward, up/down tilt adjustment
    Setup buttons – there’s as much as eight of them! ( that’s including the POWER key). Easily accessible, convex., properly spaced, allow for hassle -free adjustment
    Drivers – smooth installation from CDR, NaviSet ( allows you to alter all parameters from Windows level, no need to touch the front panel), extra software for Gamma-correction etc.
    Adjustments – the monitor comes set up a bit too bright for my liking. I’ve decreased brightness to 20%, contrast to 46.3%, changed color depth to 6500 K (default 9300 K), the AutoBrightness feature works nice (decreases brightness while browsing www sites, increases it in games and movies).
    Resolution – 1280 x 1024 crisp as ice ! Lower resolutions work very well, fonts appear slightly blurred in Windows, working& surfing comfortable down to 800 x 600). Games show little difference, I bet that in hot combat you’d never notice that you’re not viewing in native resolution ( unless your machine can handle max details at native frequency).

    Monitors I’ve worked with :
    MAG 71V, CTX PR 711 F, Samsung Syncmaster 959 NF, and several other eye burners... As you can see, the list does not include an LCD monitor.

    I’ve decided to write this mini-review because I have been unable to find one. It is dedicated to all those looking for a perfect LCD monitor.

    The last from the above list had been standing on my desktop until my first LCD monitor finally got shipped to me last Friday. I’ve slowly grown fed up with having a 20-kg hunk of junk taking up ¾ of my desk space. After a lengthy search, after many inquiries on various forums, my choice changed from the seemingly obvious TN+ (because I’m an avid gamer and I was mighty hot for the Viewsonic VP 912S which, unfortunately, seems to be an effing mirage in my country) to the none-too-popular and perhaps just a tad pricey
    S-IPS matrix, which was theoretically designed to merge the speed of the TN+ with the viewing angles and colors of the PVA matrix.
    When I finally knew what I was looking for, all that remained was to choose one of the LCD monitor manufacturers. I dropped a few questions here and there. I got many different answers, but after a short debate I withdrew to pre-planned positions and ordered a NEC 1980 SXi Black (it matched the rest of the setup, hehe).

    There’s no disputing about taste, but.… this monitor has caught my eye with its simple form and design, creating a stunning visual effect, especially when it’s already in front of you.

    Out of the box with it, then! Upon opening, your eyes meet a really nice black piece of plastic. A small piece, since the rest of the monitor is taken up by the matrix ! I honestly didn’t believe that the great appearance seen on photos could have such a stunning effect at a close encounter !
    The monitor is very easy to adjust for height and tilt. As far as turning is concerned, you need to turn the whole base. It’s kinda heavy, but not too heavy to move.
    NEC 1980 SXi works, like almost every 19’’ and 17’’ LCD, at 1280 x 1024. However, going down even to 800 x 600 can be achieved by Windows, IE etc. 1024 x 768 is perfectly OK, not to mention 1280 x 960. Even if you lose a little focus in those applications (and let’s not exaggerate – it still is good), the difference is really minimal in games !
    IMHO the opinion that LCD’s can only be used at native resolutions is greatly exaggerated.
    As far as colors go – well, I’m no CG artist but this monitor has a massive range of color adjustment – separate for the three basic colors, six others, text screens, geez there’s lot of that stuff ( I might find the time to play with it sometime)!
    Finish quality – nothing to pick on. Black plastic, ultra thin bezel, ascetic look, no flashy lights, chrome rims and other dispensable sh#t.. Driver installation from the enclosed CD and...the desktop...looks just great, crisp focus, perfect icons, stunning colors.
    No dead pixels.
    Just a quick setup to keep the eyeballs from burning out too fast we go!

    The standard: Test machine :
    Monitor connected through DVI-I and DVI-D (no particular difference noticed, so I stuck with DVI-D) to a Leadtek 6800GT card.
    ForceWare 66.93 WHQL drivers.
    Resolution: 1280 x 1024 @ 60 Hz
    AA x 4, AF x 8, V-sync ON.
    Digital Camera – Sony CyberShot DSC – P12
    Heineken – 6 pack :D, salt sticks, etc (to cancel out smearing effect heeheeehee !)

    Games :
    Unreal Tournament 2004 (favorite killer of LCD monitor testers in reviews I’ve read), America’s Army – my personal favorite, Pacific Fighters – yet another consumer of precious time.
    Movies :
    Underworld, Animatrix, Garfield, Star Wars – Episode I, Dark Blue World (DVD).

    Photos were taken during pause or when the (ingame) object was at a standstill. Trust me or not, I’ve got no problem with smearing.

    UT2K4 - (1280 x 1024, maxed out) seemed a little suspicious at first, slightly blurred picture, a little choppy but after 3 hrs of play I was totally satisfied – finally got those Shock shots in hee hee heee! At this moment I have totally forgotten just what smearing in UT2K4is and I’m. fully enjoying the game.

    The rest of the aforementioned games, due to their more peaceful nature, performed superbly.

    America's Army – at first a little impression of a tiny lag or sthg.. this wasn’t caused by a drop of FPS or a large ping. Perhaps this is just the way LCD’s are, it might also be a driver issue. I don’t know. After a little while my eyes probably adjusted and I could happily join a VIP hunt.

    Pacific Fighters – started at 1280 x 960 due to the lack of higher resolutions for LCD’s in the game’s options (next step is 1600 x 1200). Visual settings- at Perfect.
    Looks brilliant, zero smearing, great focus, I fly around shooting sushi, happy as a kid !

    I also played Doom 3 Demo, Richard Burns Rally for a little while. Well. My impressions were identical to described above.

    Sure, there is some „smearing effect”. But smearing surrounds us in everyday life – ever try downing three quick ones at night, fixing your eyes on the nearest streetlight and tilting your head sideways?? Now THAT is what I call smearing! Kinda makes you nauseous, don’t it? Hee hehee.

    Movies look brilliant, no hangups, no smearing, black color is black as should be. At night, in complete darkness, sure you can see the matrix glowing! I ain’t gonna watch movies with my monitor turned off, am I ?? ;) The matrix is lit up pretty even, but what do I know. I’m but a layman.

    Animatrix :

    Darkblue World (DVD) :

    I, Robot :

    Underworld :

    SW Epizod I :

    A little note here – bye bye CRT.

    Pictures of the NEC - desktop, views, resolutions, toro (pivot) :

    All those remarks of LCD “testers” on smearing that you can find on the Net belong among my son’s fairy tales. Don’t take what they say for granted. Information you can get from them, e.g. on smearing, has nothing to do with reality. IMHO some guys, like those from Hardware Tommy’s, are a tad too harsh in their reviews.
    I realize that these are individual opinions, but just don’t take them overly seriously. At this moment, even the trees outside the window seem a bit smeary hehe!
    To sum it all up - I am very happy with my new monitor.

    Pros : Quality, quality and more quality in design and finish, image at native and non-native resolutions, OSD display, bezel, On switch , heeeheee, the taste of Heineken J, software, TORO (even though I don’t know how to turn it on LOL) – what you see in the pictures is a 900 rotation by nVidia driver (the image is sort of blurry, as if the resolution were 1024 x 768), short name, you can surf, play , watch movies, create Cg art, you name it. And finally my eyes aren’t all teary and bloodshot in the morning.

    Cons : ……….. I want the NEC 2080 UX+ BK already ! ( too much room on the desktop all of a sudden hahaha!) the price could be 300 – 400 PLN less ( though the price is always disputable), 1 (one) fried subpixel ( visible on white background on the left, centre portion of the screen if you strain your eyes real hard) It doesn’t hurt anything, even though sometimes while flying in PF I mistake it for a barely visible contact and alert my wingmen - Bandit 11 o’clock! Break, break ! heheheeee !




    The pictures do not give full credit to the quality of the display they were taken “by hand” on a borrowed camera and all...

    I want to thx Kuba – for translating.

  • Hey Peacemaker

    Very nice review. Nothing "mini" about it, I say a complete review. And I did check you link to the review in Hardforum with pictures. I appreciate. And if I weren't already a happy LCD owner, I would have found this very helpfull.. and might have gone for a Nec as well.

    I like the way you write, some good humour there - a fun read. I'm sure many that have read this like your review. They are just keeping quiet. Good to read that this turned out to be the perfect monitor for you.

  • Hi Peacemaker

    I thought this would belong here more then after the Lacie review.

    About your issues..
    So you wonder how to use PixPerAn properly? Directions in the program helped me to use it.. but I'm not sure I did it absolutely right.

    At first it gave you info that 450 frames per second (FPS) was lost? That's just mad. What you said later that 2-15 fps were lost, that sounds more right.

    I get 1 fps lost, maximum. So actually 2-15 sounds quite bad. That could be the reason behind the choppines you get in some games. Maybe you're panel is pushed too hard to do 75Hz on DVI-D connection? I know, if it says it can do 75Hz, it should do it perfectly. And if it doesn't .. it doesn't make sense. But then again I don't know much. For example I have never before read about a panel that can do over 60Hz on a DVI-connection. Yours is the first for me.

    I understand the frames per second a user may get in games or where-ever has no direct connection to the screen freguenzy. If there was a direct connection, LCD panels would suck at games and many other uses too. But as we know that is not the case. So if you get better results running your panel in.. say.. 60Hz on a DVI-connection, use that. You're not missing anything.

    And, i still have hookups of the screen. Its much smoother on 75 Hz, but i'm wonder why i got hookups ? (in 3d games)

    By hookups I understand you mean that choppines/sort-of slow video moments/it is not smooth, right? So if "Its much smoother on 75Hz". Smoother than what? I thought 75Hz was where the your problems came out.

    But I must say that even if you tell all as clearly as possible, I can't help you. I'm not a pro. But maybe someone reading these has an advice.


  • Hi !!! I just found secret menu (advanced) in my NEC !!!
    There is RAPID MOTION option, default off - thats why my 3d animation was not so smoth ! I'm after format c: , so when i install all games, etc i give you a shout how it works ! There is also gamma setings, LED power, and many many more !!!
    SHIT! I never found a word in all damn reviews in the new - just nothing about this ADVANCE MENU !!!



  • Its easy - only turn off your monitor, then push select and turn monitor on (all the time pushing select). Now just go to the OSD. You will see difrence OSD, but navigation is the same like in normal mode. When You finished Your calibration, just turn off monitor, when You turn it on again normally, You will have normal OSD again.

    NEC RAPID MOTION tachnology was off ! When i turn it on - NO STUTTERING !!! no ghosting (which make game non playable) everything runs great, but the reason is - NATIVE resolution (1280x1024). If not, picture quality is horrible. I was playing on Pacific Fighters on 1280x960 (highest res supported by a game) and when this RM was off, it was looking great, but when i turned it on... bleeee ! So i play on UT2K4 in native - PERFECT, AmericasArmy in native - PERFECT ! I found some tips for PF, and i run it right now on 1280x1024 , and its PERFECT !

    This is my settings fo PF :


    hope it helps a little,



    in advance menu you can edit your gamma settings, LED intensivity, and some other nice features.

  • Quote

    Originally posted by Peacemaker
    Hi !!! I just found secret menu (advanced) in my NEC !!!
    There is RAPID MOTION option, default off - thats why my 3d animation was not so smoth !

    Alright man! Good to read that. So problem solved. Nice :) Sorry for my slow posting. I don't hang around much.
    Happy days to you. Enjoy the spring. I do :D

    - Sleepy