Samsung Syncmaster 194T (Chip)

  • Hi everyone,
    I saw this Top 10 table of 19" TFT monitors in Chip (online). I can't read German but I could follow the table and was somewhat surprised with the findings:

    They really must have liked the 194T as they gave it a 100/100 in image quality while they only gave 87 to the 193P and 84 to the Eizo 767!

    And check out the reaction times. 9 of the 10 monitors in the list have an official 25ms reaction time, but the reported (presumably tested) times vary quite a lot. From 33ms for the Eizo 767 to 18ms for the Samsung 194T.

    Unfortunately I could not find corresponding tests and I'm really looking forward to see the 194T being tested here at Prad 8)