Black vs silver: TCO99 vs TCO03

  • Hello,

    I am considering to get a Dell 1905FP. I like the black one (midnight grey), but it is only TCO99. The dual tone version is TCO03.

    Do you think it is harder on the eyes to have a black tft versus silver/white?

  • A white frame will also fail to get a TCO03 certificate. It must not be too dark nor too bright. Black frame is harsher on the eyes when working with bright screen and white will be harsher with very dark screen. Grey, silver, beige frames are the best for the eyes. The TCO people are not stupid. However, having a TCO03 monitor won't help if you're going to use it in a dark room. The room should be well lit at all times ;)

  • How can it be that so many dark coloured TCO99 monitors are popular? Most people use them like a standard monitor anyway ie. internet surfing, word processing, movie watching?

    Are people not aware or is it just the TCO crew who are insane :0

  • I guess many people find the black more beautiful and for most that counts more than a little ergonomics. Tell a woman that high hill shoes are bad for her health, would it stop her? :D

    Anyway, the ergonomic penalty is probably not that big, if it was I presume responsible makers won't be producing black framed monitors at all.

  • Maybe this will ease your decision making: Dell USA doesn't even sell the dual-tone (silver) monitors at all, they all midnight gray (black). I wonder why. Is it because they feel far away enough from Sweden (base land of Tco) :) Or are American eyes just stronger? :D

    Check out their 19" monitor page:

  • Hehe,

    I am from Denmark. Close to Sweden. So we have the dual tone too :-)

    But I have a midnight grey Dell CRT, and until know I did not think about it. It is know that I am going to upgrade to a TFT (most likely a Dell 1905FP) I gave a thougt to the TCO99 vs TCO03.

    But I think I will take the midnight grey.

  • Here is some kind of simulation showing how different border colors affect the perception of colors.

    The article is in german, but all you need is the three pictures, which are showing a set of colors with different borders (black, middle grey, white).

    Contrast simulation of different bezel colours

    You'll most probably notice that with black borders the colours seem to be stronger/darker than with white border where they seem softer/lighter. Grey is just in between, which is why a beige/silver border can be an advantage when working alot with colours.

    Concerning eye strain the best combination surely is medium bright/med. bright/med. bright hell (screen/bezel/room), where the worst is bright/dark/bright (bright screen with black bezel in a bright room). When your room is generally more dark then med. bright/dark/dark should pose no problem either.

  • There might be a licencing fee involved too. Its probable that TCO03 is more expensive than TCO99 for producers. Other than that black is simply more popular among general consumers. Although, I think for general use its best to have a matte border on the monitor. However if one mainly do movie-watching perhaps black is better choice.