The new 2ms BenQ FP93gx or the 8bit Viewsonic VP930b

  • because i cant type german well i will write this in english (i can read german perfectly though ;)

    i can get the benq fp93gx 2ms 19inch tn-panel(6 bit color) for 280 euro
    i can get the viewsonic vp930b 8ms 19inch va-panel(8 bit color) for 350 euro.

    the benq has a zero dead pixel warranty for 3 years
    the viewsonic has a zero dead pixel warranty for one month (or 3months im not sure).
    both have of course the normal warranty in case of failure, i believe both 3 years.

    so , which one would you guys choose if you were me? main purpose to buy it is gaming but my general activities are: gaming, reading/surfing, watching movies/tv

    i am also still considering dropping the whole lcd idea and just buy a 19inch viewsonic g90f+ CRT-screen for 175 euro because im not sure i will like the blurring effect on lcd's when gaming. (i know ghosting is no longer a problem with these fast panels)

    in case you are wondering why the prices are so low, i live in taiwan at the moment (don't be jealous because the prices for graphics cards are very bad here)

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  • I would buy the VP930,
    though I didnt have any of those on my desk, I prefer the VA with overdrive to a standard 6bit TN Panel

  • Ich kann den BenQ noch nicht beurteilen, doch ich denke, dass er für Spiele vielleicht besser geeignet ist als das MVA Planel. Da du kein anspruchsvoller Grafiker zu sein scheinst würde ich ihn nehmen. Geld sparst du auch noch.

  • Which monitor is best for you basically always depends on your user profile. If its mainly or only about gaming, you can give the Benq a try, but, here too, if you're among the type of gamer that really enjoys georgeous graphics and eye candy in a game, the TN panel of the BenQ might disappoint you. On the other hand, if you are a hardcore gamer who tweaks everything to "low" anyway and it's just the pure responsiveness that your're looking for, the BenQ is probably best.
    But as soon as there as any occasional movie/DVD watching involved, I would definitely go for the Viewsonic due to its better black level, contrast, colors, viewing angle.

  • thanks for pointing the english forum out to me.

    yep the reason im buying a new rig is i wanna game.... i sold my last rig when i moved and have since been using a notebook (which plays movies nicely and is great for surfing)

    the only reason i would go for the benq is because i can get it so damn cheap...since i can also get the vp930 cheap i lean toward the vp930 (allthough i actually think the older vp191b is better but i havent seen it in the shops here)

    on the other hand, i really dislike the fact that im kinda forced to play in native resolution....i am still 50/50 on going the good old crt way : the only disadvantages of crt are their weight/size and power usage which arent big issues for me