S1910 crackling noise plastic/bezel

  • Hi
    The problem appears when the temperature inside the monitor changes. I'll explain.

    When the monitor goes "sleep" standby mode or turning OFF the temperature have effect on plastic bezel or other plastics on monitor and it's make a crackling noise from the monitor
    (because of deformation of bezel plastics by change of temperature inside I think).It can continue 10-20 min until the stable temperature is reached (cold or warm). Just as monitor get cold , same thing happening when monitor get warm (after wake up or turning it on).Same appearance.The temperature have effect on plastic on bezel in two of cases, when the monitor come cold or the monitor come warm. (from inside I mean , the backlight is warming the inside parts or something else). The bezel plastics looks not build well or fixed. I owned couple of LCD monitors like Samsung and Viewsonic and I not face these kind of problems.I sitting in quite environment with this monitor and suddenly hear these crackling sounds from monitor.

    some one have such problems with this?

  • Do you also have such crackling noises of plastics?
    I wrote mail to Eizo Japan they not reply me.

    Some people here have such crackling noises on their Eizo s1910's?


  • No, I do not. Sometimes yes, but just one or two slow cracklings which is normal. But not 10-20 minuttes. Try to contact your local Eizo service, I think it should be a warranty issue.

  • Thanks , i wrote an email to global_eizo@eizo.co.jp and they not answering me at all for about more than 1-2 weeks.
    American Eizo support told me to write to global_eizo@eizo.co.jp only!

    May be with time , i have this monitor about 3-4 months. plastics make creaks sounds. It's only happening when monitor turn off and turn on.
    When look bright pictures, with white color (it's happening more)
    I think is because of heat inside and this to influence pn plastics.

    Interesting , that in review made by Prad i founded this:

    "The Eizo S1910-K can only be assessed excellent fabrication quality since all parts and components seem to be fitted together very neatly, - nothing creaks or wobbles. The casing conveys the impression of superior workmanship."
    That mean , that plastics in that monitor build well.

    I don't know what to do , i will call ISRAEL Eizo support and tell them about it