CeBit 2007 news

  • I've thought to make this unique thread to collect/discuss news from CeBit 2007.

    I hope to be wrong, but the first sensation is that there are few BIG news. :rolleyes:
    This can be explained by the absence of some manufacturer (like said by Rinaldo).
    However there are something remarkable...

    *** SyncMaster XL30 ***
    Resolution: 2560x1600
    Color gamut: 123%
    Brightness: 300cd/m2
    Video input: dual-link DVI-D
    Viewing angle: 178/178
    Response time: 6ms(GTG)
    Data processing: 14bit
    Other: USB Hub (1up 4down)
    Launch: W/W Aug 2007

    SyncMaster XL30 video

    *** SyncMaster 245T ***
    I think the 245T specs are not so different from other 24'' with S-PVA panel... with a surprise.
    I not have understanded if this is a standard 245T feature but this monitor is showing the MPA (Motion Picture Acceleration) technology.
    The MPA double the refresh rate to insert extra calculated frames in the video stream.

    SyncMaster 245T video

    Some other new model with TN panel... nothing to be excited...

  • Thanx a lot miomao for the info about the SyncMaster XL30 with the complete technical specs and especially the release date!