I need advice about Eizo s2231w

  • Hello everybody!

    I want to buy allround capable display for home use ( games, internet, videos)
    i need good picture quality and good responsivness, so i wanted to buy this eizo display.

    But before buying i need to be sure that it is suitable for fast games such as CS, FIFA or Far Cry.
    so tell me please is this eizo good for gaming? Or i should choose another one?

  • If you want a quick panel you better buy a monitor with TN panel. TN panels are the best choice for gamers. The S2231W is equipped with a S-PVA Panel. This panel is the best choice for a perfect picture.

    If you want a perfect picture you have only the Eizo S2231W or the HP LP2275w, no other 22-inch monitor use a S-PVA panel.

    If you are a normal gamer, the Eizo is quick enough. If you are a pro gamer it will be better to choose a monitor with TN panel.