Review request: Eizo Foris FX2431

  • Hello!

    I think it would be a very useful to see PRAD review of Eizo Foris FX2431 -monitor.

    It's Eizo's VA-panel monitor that is aimed for the entertainment purposes*. I've seen a few reviews that adores it's inky blacks and overall image quality, but since it's an expensive monitor for a gamer/non-professional user, it would be more than nice to see trustworthy review by PRAD.
    (I'm especially interested to see how it compares to likes of NEC MultiSync 24WMGX3 or cheaper HP LP2475w.)

    *) Foris FX2431 is apparently Eizo's only gaming/movie/multipurpose -monitor outside of Japanese markets, so perhaps there would be many interested PRAD readers from that perspective as well.

  • As you can see in this thread the FX2431 review is already in the making ;)

    Nice! I did not even tried to read the German forum as I don't really understand their cool language. I'm looking forward to read the English review. I pretty much let PRAD decide whether FX2431 is waste of money or not :)