Eizo EV2333WH-BK - not compatible with gaming systems?

  • Hello everyone,

    I was reading the review for the Eizo EV2333WH-BK and generally pleased with the results!
    After all, I am looking to eventually replace my SyncMaster 245t; I find the anti-glare coating
    is rather grainy and what with the technology overall being as old as it is there's plenty to be gained
    from an upgrade.

    What's left me scratching my head with the review is that despite the mention that "The Eizo EV2333WH can play back copy-protected material via its digital inputs with ease thanks to HDCP support." within the DVD and Video portion of the review, the conclusion cryptically laments that "External player devices such as Blu-ray players or games consoles cannot be run on the Eizo EV2333WH."

    Equipped with HDCP compliant DVI-D, how is it not the case that the Eizo cannot support external Blu-ray players and the like? Is this perhaps a translation error or typo?

    HDCP support via both DVI-D and DisplayPort at the global webpage is confirmed here:

  • HDCP compliant on DVI-D and DisplayPort ist not the problem but the EV2333WH don't have a HDMI port. This is required that blu-ray player or game consoles can work properly. Pardon for my bad english ;( :)

  • Thanks for the reply! So when you say "properly" you mean that in using a DVI-D to HDMI connection one only retains the video portion of HDMI, is that correct?
    Your grammar is good, it was just a curious choice of words. These are confusions even native speakers run into, so don't be discouraged.