Verkaufe NEC Multisync P241W 24" IPS - Monitor

  • Sehr geehrte Interessenten,

    hier steht mein qualitativ sehr hochwertiger IPS Monitor von Nec P241W mit 24" Diagonale und einer Auflösung von 1920x1200 Pixeln in der Farbe Schwarz (BK)

    Aufgrund des hervorragenden Zustands, kein Brummen und keine (sub)Pixelfehler

    I gehe weiter auf Engisch , meine Deutche sprache ist gut aber nicht im schrift.....(bin Niederlander..)


    I cannot get used to the gives me headaches..i think it's a personal issue , i was always sensitives to bright light sources..
    i also got headaches from a eizo s2433, s-pva screen which I retuned after 3 days. This time I bought the Nec screen, and waited /tested too long..
    i was trying to get used too it...but it didn't work out..

    the sceen has run 260 hours and is bought at the end of december 2011.. it has 2,8 years of warranty left..!

    At the moment it is standing useless at my desk for several weeks, because I switched back to my 20inch lacie screen..

    Make me a good offer and you can enjoy a perfect screen!
    I prefer that you come over and pickup the screen, but if neccecary i can send it via ups..

    (I am from the Netherlands near Maastricht and... +/- 20minutes from aachen.. and +/- 50 minutes from Dusselfdorf)

    here is are the test results:



  • Hi, Arn!
    Recently i have got some interesting offer for P241W on ebay . So i dug the internet and found your massage then. If the price for your monitor would be around 350 eur including taxes and delivery to Vienna(Austria) i might be interested.
    Thank you.

  • Hi Sascha,

    Thanks for the offer, but € 350 is a bit low, you should go for the ebay one i think..!
    i'm aiming at a price of € 550 excluding transportation costs..