L90D+ oder 913N?

  • Hi. I want to know, which monitor you suggest me to buy, Hyundai L90D+ or Samsung 913N.

    I don't really know pros and cons of Hyundai, but from specs most disturbing about Samsung are:
    -no DVI
    -no Pivotfunktion

    On the other hand, I read that samsung has very very nice picture, and I hope you will tell me if it is any better from Hyundai, and if it weights out those cons I wrote.

    Thank you in advance!

    p.s.: sorry about my language :O

  • I know that both use the same panel, but 193P for example, has by far THE best picture of all 19' (in 600€ rang).

  • @Sparxx: Responsetime is not everything, only newbies think that.

    We have an english section, I moved your thread.

    What do you want the use the TFT for?

  • As long as he asked for one of those (LD90+ and 913N) i though he wants a LCD display with fast response times....
    Else you cand look at other models if display times are not important.

  • For my point of view the view area of the Hyundai is too small. 135° in vertcal direction is visible below the 160° of the Samsung. Maybe it will not bother you, only you have to decide it yourself.
    The Hyundai leads in features, but I assume, that the lack of view area is more strong to see than the difference between analog DSUB and digital DVI (if you have a state-of-the-art grafik board).

  • Can you checkout your upper left and lower dark corner? I returned my L90D+ because the brightness/contrast difference in those areas was too big for me. I used 31/55 setting for brightness/contrast.

    We even checked out 5 new L90D+es and they all had the same defect.

    Is this with your L90D+ too?

  • Not at all, but for this i gotta say:
    at first i bought one via online, then returned it again (because of this prob you mentioned and some subpixfailures).
    Since i don`t like stuff like "going around and around" (because you never know if the next onliny-buy`s better, right?) i just checked nearby shops and found some.
    I kindly asked one of the guys around and we tested some of monitores.
    The third one was mine :D means no failings at all `n went home.
    Okay, to be honest, i didn`t test the illumination, but at home I did so.
    And my is just perfect!

  • I mean, I like the design of the monitor very much, but for 550€ I expect the picture to be at least of same illumination across the screen. ;(

    Did you try to rotate it 90° and compare left edge to the right (top and bottom at 0°)?