Help with websites please

  • Hi,

    As a school project I need to make a list of the top websites in Germany and make an analysis on them and I was wondering if you could help me out? I was looking for an Off Topic section but couldn't find it. I also don't follow German and would really appreciate any help on this..

    Thanks in advance and if i am not allowed to do this, then please delete this post and accept my apologies.

  • In which context should the german websites be? Because there are "millions of sites" there any topic for them?

  • Media and Entertainment:

    (german TV/internet community)
    (no comment necessary)
    (germanys biggest daily tabloid)
    (germanys biggest isp's portal)
    (major german magazine)
    (see above)


    (biggest german sports portal)

    If you want more try to e-mail the IVW () for exact statistic.

  • These are the Top 25 Sites in Gemrnay figured out by for feb 2005. Was just of some interest for me, too.