Which 20"? 2001FP, VP201 or?

  • Im looking for a 20" TFT (no widescreen) mainly for gaming and ive read bout Dell 2001FP and ViewSonic VP201. The Dell is very cheap atm (around 500$), while the VP201 costs 200$ more (at least in denmark).

    Problem is both screens are 1½ years old, but i still havent heard of any newer or better panels. Is there a better 20" screen out there? Is VP201 worth the extra money or should i go with the Dell.

  • They both have the same LG/Philips panel? Well.. 20" IPS panel with 16 ms for that price is rather amazing. As I said before this must be a kickass gaming and movie monitor since it does have 4:3 aspect ratio. Only problem would be the contrast ratio.

    Although I think them both models has medium build quality. If you want better you'll want to look at the NEC version with this panel.

  • Hi there,

    You also might wanna take a look at the - imho very promising - specs of the FSC ScenicView P20-2.

    S-PVA panel
    16 black to black response time
    11 ms grey to grey
    700 :1 contrast
    horiz.: 178 °/ vert.: 178 °

    pretty new panel that meets your gaming needs.
    But I guess in the end it all comes down to price and availability.
    I don't know about Denmark, but in Germany it is shipped for around 700 Euros and less.

  • I did read the buyers guide and i guess it did tell me that theres no better screens available for gaming than the old LG panel.

    The S-PVA looks promising and the price in denmark is the same as 201VP, but it got stereospeakers ruining the design and i want to read some reviews about the latencies before i buy it to make sure its good for gaming and i havent been able to find anything but user reviews.

    I guess ill go with the Dell 2001FP then