Looking for a cheap lcd

  • Hi all.

    I'm going to buy soon a new display but I'm getting crazy. It must be gaming capable and also suited for office and internet. I'm looking for a Hyundai B90A but i don't find it in my city (Alicante, Spain), so i'm also looking for alternatives. Here, aside of cheap LG's and Sony's with slow response time, which i don't find very interesting, i can buy these:

    Samsung 710N/713BM (250€-270€)
    Benq T905/T906 (both 280€)
    Acer 1916W (280€, widescreen)
    Acer 1714ms (239€, a bit expensive)

    Which one should i get? Thanks in advance.

  • If there is really no way around limiting yourself to these few models (maybe ordering online would be an option?), then go for the Samsung 713BM since this model - along with the somewhat slower T905 - is the only one on your list to feature DVI.


  • If it's largely gaming, I'd get the widescreen
    FSC ScaleoView W19-1, 19", 1440x900 for 283 Euros (cheapest online retailer in Germany)
    It has the highest resolution considering the price range given, DVI, response time of 8ms.
    This model was just recently reviewed here on Prad.de and found to be "good". So it's basically a rating of "4" out of 5 (on a 5 point scale ranging from "very bad" to "very good").

    This is the German review if you can make any sense of it.

    English translation of the review has just been finished and should be online in a few days time.

    If the FSC is slightly above your budget, consider the
    V7 Videoseven S19PS, 19", 1280x1024, DVI, 8ms for 265 €

    have fun