HP w2207 (Prad.de)

  • This is a translation from the 22 inch HP w2207 german review.

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  • Thanks for a great review, but I still have some questions:

    In the PRAD Samsung 226BW review, it says "Thanks to its Frame Rate Control, the Samsung 226BW can display 16.7 million colours and boasts a colour fidelity which we have already rated as very good"

    About the HP TrustedReviews say "the HP utilises a 6-bit TN display panel with dithering, which artificially compensates for the lower bit rate and produces a 16.2million colour panel. Some manufacturers have got into the habit of listing this as 16.7million colours, which would indicate an 8-bit panel, but this certainly isn't the case."

    Does the Samsung feature some new technology that can display more colours on a TN display without dithering?

    And exactly how does the colour accuracy of the two compare?

  • I'm not in the staff but I've the answer... :D

    I think they talks about the Hi-FRC dithering.
    This kind of dithering can emulate 16,7M of colors Vs. 16,2M colors of old FRC dithering.

    The Hi-FRC was developed by Chi Mei Optoelectronics and now is used by many other manufacturers (like Samsung).

    The HP w2207 is declared 16.2M colors.
    This can means that the panel use the old dithering method but...
    some purchaser says it have a LG.Philips panel and all 22'' LGP panels are declared 16,7M colors.

    Anyway, this is not a big issue.
    The real problem of "any" current 22'' LCD is the viewing angle.

  • Thanks Miomao,

    I had a 226BW with an 'A' panel home for testing, and the viewing angle was terrible. Both the extreme right and left edges were yellowing when viewed spot on. Right could be resolved by tilting towards it, but left remained yellow no matter what.

    I also had problems with odd skin tones, and b/w photos that looked tinted.

    I ended up returning it, hoping that the 226CW or HP w2207 would be a better choice. User reviews on the w2207 say its viewing angles and colours are better than the 226BW/CW.

    User reviews on the colour quality of the 226CW claim that its a complete mess.

  • It seems that also the colorimeter don't like too much 226CW.

    In another forum a user say me that the 931CW (wide-gamut lamps too) have a CMO panel.
    May be the same for the 22''?

    I think the second hypothesis is that Samsung picked wide-gamut lamps that improve color gamut while worsen colors accuracy.
    It would be a bit funny... :)

  • Ouch! That certainly confirms what users have reported about the CW.

    The HP W22 (HP's previous model, the W2207 isn't listed yet) comes out really nicely against the 226BW - S panel - after it's calibrated though.