Eizo S2231WE vs Samsung 245T

  • Hello,

    Came across your site a week ago, very impressive!
    Most detailed monitor reviews I have seen.

    Im in the market to replace a 4.5 year old Formac 2010 20.1 inch with resolution of 1200 x 1600.

    My interest is photogaphy using a Dslr shooting raw and working in AdobeRGB and at this time printing on an Epson R2400.

    I have and use a Pantone ColorVision Spyder calibrator.

    Games and Dvd's on the monitor is not important, Im not saying I would never use the monitor for that, but my decision needs to be based on performance for photogaphy work.

    Im torn between the Eizo S2231WE-Bk and the Samsung 245T.

    Could anyone offer any views or throughts on which might serve me better?

    Thank you for any advise .

    Forgot to add price in the U.S is Eizo $737.00 Samsung $645.00 So price between the two is not an issue.


  • I would say it's a matter of size. Your Formac has more pixels than Eizo S2231W and with 24inch Samsung 245T you've got 1.920 x 1.200 pixels, which are 320 more in width and the same in height. For graphic works in AdobeRGB both displays are qualified.

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  • Hi Rinaldo,

    Thank you for the responce.

    Without having worked with other Lcd's at different resolutions, Im hard press to really know what it would mean as far as viewing images.

    As regards sharpness or percived sharpness, viewing the full image and at 100%

    Would I be lossing some sharpness with the Eizo?

    I know Eizo's reputaion for being top quality monitors for Graphics and of cource the excelent review, Im wondering if it has somthing going for it that the Samsung does not?


  • Both displays boast sharp images. Actually, pixelsize at Samsung 245T is somewhat finer than Eizo S2231W. But that's rather a matter of taste than of importance for image editing.

    I don't really understand your last sentence. Eizo S2231W got an 'excellent' and Samsung 245T as well.

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  • Hi Rinaldo

    What I ment by my last sentence was that both monitors recived very good ratings.

    They seem to be very equal in the abilitys Im intertested in.

    Both show accuate color handling of the Adobe RGB space, Id need to look at the test results to see which might have an edge.

    Only two things jump out at me. The Samsung goes a bit brighter, but the Eizo appeals to be acdequate.

    The other is Contrast ratio, there the Eizo comes out ahead somthing like 1400/1 vs 850/1.
    In real life use Im not sure if I would see a difference.

    Will admite Im pulled by the Eizo name and the appearece of the monitor and stand,which is in my view more flexible and dealing with my Formac, which has almost no adjustment. At time time I purchased it, I did not appreciate how difficuilt that makes for getting a good viewing setup.

    All that said unless things like the contrast ratio really makes a difference, Im leaning towards the Samaung, since it's a bit less in price and even if I don't need the large screen the extrar size would be nice.


  • Just wanted to say, I recived the 245T yesterday, so far very impress, makes my 20.1 formac look small.

    For anyone who is interested why I picked the Samsung over the Eizo, well it was a tough choice. I really liked that monitor. It appears IQ is a tad better than the Samsung, but Im not sure one could tell without mesurments?

    In the end I decided the extra space of the 24 inch as well as the lower price would be very nice. In the class of monitors I was looking at, the Samsung seem to be the best bang for the dollar.