Eizo S2231W-E W.I.P. (Prad.de User)

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    Do you think the big brother S2431W is a more reliable choice? verwirrt

    He's not completely a 1:1 big brother, it's an other monitor (a bit older, a bit less contrast, no wide garmut, less stable finish - weights less than the smaller 2231). Nevertheless a good choice and really not expensive when you look at what you get for your money).

  • I know that the S2231W has better specs than S2431W.
    The problem is that there are important not-written aspects.
    Like backlight uniformity.

    Thanks again traveller.

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    Originally posted by miomao
    No response from the user Chrisz.

    That's odd - he's a nice guy and very "chatty" when it comes to his Eizos... :P

    Try to ask him in his 24" review thread. Yes, it's in German, but ask anyways and/or ask him about the pm...

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    Originally posted by travellerThat's odd - he's a nice guy and very "chatty" when it comes to his Eizos... :P

    Try to ask him in his 24" review thread. Yes, it's in German, but ask anyways and/or ask him about the pm...

    Thanks but I think to have the answer... ;)
    Chrisz have exchanged the S2231W with a S2431W due to so called "rainbow effect".
    Italian purchasers are confirming the issue.
    Colors in the S2231W panel are a bit cold in the left edge and a bit warm in the right edge.
    But they say that the difference is very-very small.
    Surely Chrisz has bought an unlucky sample.

  • I've recently purchased an Eizo S2231 (few days ago) and was prety satisfied with it. But when it displays bright areas contrasted by dark areas (especially blacks) is see a greenish sweep/blur arround that spot (somewhat like a rainbow dominated mostly by the colour green, then blue and a few other colours). It is a very fast, but noticable located flicker, with the size of the bright spot moved partially to the left or right. The effect is more visible when I blinck or move my eyes and/or when the bright area moves.

    For instance when I move my mousepointer arround a black background. I dont see the possibility of making a photo and I hope my discription is clear. It's quite irritating and it pains my eyes. Is this a common and known effect on the S-PVA pannels, or is it just me? I also have a S1721 on which I don't have the problem, so does it make it an overdrive problem? Or is it because of the wide gamut? I really have no clue.

  • Yes you're right and that's known as ghosting. I've never associated a "color" to it but if I had to, green is good.

    Ghosting is usually a by-product of low refresh-rates (of all LCDs excluding modern <4ms TN panels) but the "quality" of the ghosting effects may indeed be related to a panel's overdrive implementation.

    I find that BeHardware's reviews are more critical of such traits as PRAD is so you can see more info on overdrive & ghosting over there. Unfortunately they haven't reviewed the S2231W...

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    I: E6850/ P5B-D/ 2GB DDR2-800/nV 8800GT-512MB/ XP+nV169.28
    II: P4 24b/ P4PE/ 1GB DDR400/ nV6800GT-128MB/ XP+nV169.21

  • Hi,

    I've just bought the eizo 2231 and have to say that I've not obserwed any of the color shits (greenish + red ) I've read about here - although mine's from a relatively new production series I presume.

    On the other hand, I've got the slight X backlight pattern, yet it is not visible with even dim ambient light - only when the monitor is the only source of light and it projects a completely black screen - well, not a likely scenario for day to day use, so its not a problem for me.

  • How badly does it hurt the watching/playing experience?

  • I have read this thread completely. What I understand from the EIzo specifications: I will be able to use one of the fine contrast options (selectable by a pushbutton under the screen) to switch it to sRGB. It should be possible also to have it switching automatic to sRGB when opening the browser (software that comes with the monitor). So imho this means that major problems regarding switching between aRGB and sRGB are solved by Eizo either manually or automatic. So generally speaking you should not encounter the wide gamuth color problems when changing apps.
    BTW is MS Office 2003 and 2007 color managed or should I use the manual switch sRGB mode?

    What remains is after using Photoshop in aRGB you will have to convert to sRGB for most printshops and webpublishing. But more professional printshops accept aRGB work.

    There is a need for calibration as colors are not fully correct ( .../review/2008/review-eizo-s2231w-part11.html). But the monitor is an excellent allrounder according Prad.de

    I will be working for the time under Win XP Pro SP3 using a ATI Radeon RX9800 Pro-TD128. System upgrade is planned for next year as my monitor failed a week ago.

    So what I like to know are my observations and conclusions correct, because than I will order that Eizo S2231W monitor.

  • Hi all! Has anybody connected PS3 to Eizo S2231 using HDMI – DVI cable? Theoretically it is possible, because DVI of S2231 supports HDCP. But what we have in practice? I mean, does it support and scale correctly 720p and 1080p?

  • I received the the eizo s2232 monitor yesterday, and at first I was very surprised with the saturated colors, but then I read in here, that it was due to the Wide gamut thing. Even though I do a lot of photo editing (that was what I bought it for), I'm not happy with the colors, that it provides in everything else. Also compared to Imacs screen it seems to be brigter and more saturated, even when showing pictures in Photoshop (which as I understand it, should be color managed program?).

    Since I can still return it, I'd like to know if there are any monitors that doesn't have this "problem" but are still usable for photo-editing? I thought about the hp l2475w, but I dont know if it would be any better?

  • Hello,

    I have not seen anyone mention how bad text looks on this monitor. Perhaps it doesn't matter if you only intend to use the S2231W for photo editing, but if you spend any amount of time reading or writing text on your computer, this thing will hurt your eyes. When I put this LCD next to my old Eizo S1910 and the Dell 2209WA, I couldn't believe how fuzzy the letters looked. You try to get your eyes in focus, but it just doesn't happen no matter how you try.

    I have since discovered that this is a little-advertised "feature" of S-PVA panels, which have compound subpixels instead of solid subpixels like IPS, TN or PVA panels. This wreaks havoc with ClearType font rendering.

    More details in my full review of the S2231W, if you're interested.

    I had to return my S2231W because I couldn't read text off this display for more than 30 seconds. That's a real shame, as it is an excellent display for photos, movies and games. But I couldn't afford paying a premium price for a monitor that is unusable in everyday work. I ended up getting the Dell 2209WA, which is worse at graphics, but very good for text work (and 50% cheaper, I might add).

    Hope this helps someone.