New C-PVA panels from Samsung

  • There are informations on two incoming Samsung monitors with "C-PVA" panels.

    I think it's interesting to know more on "C-PVA" Vs. usual "S-PVA"...


  • More info on C-PVA panels:


    They were 20in and 23in TFTs with thin aluminium stands and what I believe the rep told me were C-PVA panels - apparently sitting between TN and S-PVA in quality terms, they looked hugely impressive in my brief hands-on. Enthusiastic home photographers may finally have the perfect monitor, as this display technology means more accurate colours but without the price hike that usually comes with S-PVA. I’ll get full details from Samsung and update this post, and they won’t be out until June but, again, we’ll be getting one in as soon as we can.

  • Waiting for a Prad review... :)
    ...a F2380 review (maybe the first) from Chinese site PConline:

    English translation (automatic):

    They describe the C-PVA technology as a simplified version of S-PVA.
    Good idea the comparison with a TN in the same size.