DELL U2412M - Glowing in the dark. Anti-glare coating?

  • Hello everyone.

    Until yesterday I was a happy buyer of a brand new Dell U2412M, happy because I didn't received the monitor yet, so I was living out of expectations.
    Expectations I had for all the good reviews I read about this budget IPS monitor, none of which though did ever mention the glowing blacks this monitor have.
    The impression I had when I first turned on the monitor was great; colours were vibrant and overall image quality was great.
    But unfortunately... there is a "BUT" and a big one for me...

    While sitting at my desk in front of my new monitor, I started noticing strange reflections in the lower right corner of the image, something like an extra layer of greyish colour on top of the image; it was not long before I realized that it was happening predominantly on darker images.
    To sort this out an idea came to my mind, so I tried and loaded an 100% black image and have it displayed in full screen. Closed my room, turned off the light and boom... all of the good thoughts I had about this monitor disappeared.
    What I saw is so annoying that I decided to post a video on Youtube to make people aware of the problem.
    Take a look yourself and you will immediately see what I mean, here is the video:

    It may be difficult for you to think that the video is real, in fact the monitor literally glows in the dark. The closer the worst, the most annoying thing of all being the fact that this glowing effect its not limited to one corner of the display, but it follows you and changes in size and intensity depending on your point of view.

    Now my question is: does all e-IPS panels behave this way or is it something that have to do with this particular Dell model? Does anti-glare coating have anything to do with it?

    I blamed the coating initially, but I'm not really sure, because I never saw other IPSs panels. If this is the case I will say with no doubt that the anti-glare coating on the Dell u2412m is simply BAD!!!!
    I use the PC most for entertaining, and I supposed this monitor was targeted toward this kind of public.
    DELL U2412M makes it impossible to enjoy movies at night. Watching the
    Dark Knight in HD was so annoying that it was almost painful.
    If you use it at the office in full day light then you may be fine.
    Otherwise if like me most of the time you use your PC at night time or in darker environments I wouldn't recommend this monitor at all.
    Too bad...


  • To me it seems like it is not the anti glare coating but the display itself leaking some of the backlight when you look at the black screen from some bigger ancle. I guess you took this video with brightness settings on 100 % ? How about contrast?

    Maybe you could try to lower both settings but you are right when you say that this should be some serious mistake.
    On the other hand, this would not be the first time this year a Dell's product disappoints me.

    Maybe other users can confirm that issue?

    Thank you for causing awareness of this, for I was just thinking of buying this particular model...